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    Final year student
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    read, listen to muse, chat, playing guitar, browse
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    Many more.... oasis, green day, my chemical romance, radiohead, yellowcard, paparoach, backstreet boys, westlife, linkin park, hoobastank, bon jovi
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    Star Wars
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    heroes, roswell, lost, Sherlock, Dr. Who, Game of Thrones
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    A brief history of time, and other philospohical and sci-fi readings
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    Almost all, including The Resistance and The Second Law
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    Muse Live at Olympic Stadium
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  1. Hai Semua, salam kenal lagi. Gue udah lama gabung, tapi gak pernah nongol deh di sini...
  2. 8D! don t worry!


    good luck with the exams ^^

  3. sorry for this late reply


    i love your new photo profile,


    i hope i can get some guiding light in my exams

  4. nice! :)


    Get good notes in my exams, be happy, enjoy my life .. like i do always!



  5. watch muse this year, get to the university, pass the national exam


  6. The best wishes and peace for this year :) Peace all over the world! what do you expect for 2010? ^_^

  7. you too!

    any resolution for 2010?

  8. hi, thanks for added me

    i love twilight saga too!!!

  9. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!! <3! makes me feel so happy know that!! thanks thanks thanks *-*

  10. i've shared the calendar on my facebook

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