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My daughter Bellamy passed away because of stupid SMA


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This is fairly depressing so you might not want to read it. My wife and I are quite private but after our daughter named Bellamy (yes, named for Matt's last name) passed away because of Spinal Muscular Atrophy we feel it is right to raise awareness in her name. Our beautiful baby girl is at peace but there are many children and their families fighting this horrible disease. It is the #1 genetic killer of infants in the US and I had never heard of it until our daughter was diagnosed. If you are interested in reading our story please click the link and go to page 69.




All I ask is that you think of baby Bellamy once in a while and if you ever feel like taking action CureSMA is a wonderful organization to support. Thanks everyone.

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I'm so sad to hear, Bellamy's Dad; I remember your original thread about Bellamy (which is here, everyone) and have thought of you often since I read it. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little girl. :(


I've just read your story on page 69, and my heart is breaking for you both. I am going to donate to CureSMA as soon as I get paid. Much love to you and your wife, and all your loved ones. :(

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