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  1. Well there's also some fan claiming Glen said they did soundcheck Defector at some point, and they didn't like the way it sounded. So maybe that really is what happened. Dom also said in the Q&A thing that it was soundchecked and he said they did like how it sounded, but maybe the others (ie. Matt) didn't like it and decided against playing it?
  2. This Top of the Mountain thing isn't even an actual festival. Every year in Ischgl they get someone to open (in November) and close (end of April) the ski season. And one with Easter too apparently. They've had all kinds of acts over the years, from Elton John, Tina Turner, to Robbie Williams, 30 Seconds to Mars, Supertramp,... So it's diverse, to say the least! But they are the only act playing, so no other bands or acts coming. And everyone who has a ski pass can go, it's just a big party to end the ski season. And people go to watch a big act, have fun and après ski. It's not your typical concert environment. I know this cos I work at a travel agency and we have had trips for the ski openers and closers in Ischgl
  3. They are a band since 20 years, I don't get why Matt is the only one with any say in the setlists? How is his opinion more important than Dom and Chris'? Is it just cos he writes the songs, I don't get it?
  4. They weren't at the Brussels gigs and I know from people that went to the Holland gigs that they didn't look bored there either. I think people just WANT them to be bored to solidify their opinion that things 'aren't going well'? They seem perfectly happy to me tbh. I can appreciate that certain setlists aren't everybody's cup of tea but what are you gonna do. Each to their own.
  5. I don't think Matt and Dom will actually play, as they never do, but it would be a sight
  6. To be honest, when I saw them live in Brussels they appeared to really be enjoying themselves, there were lots of little smiles exchanged and stuff (good part of the 360 stage, you could actually see the band interaction really well)
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