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  1. This is fairly depressing so you might not want to read it. My wife and I are quite private but after our daughter named Bellamy (yes, named for Matt's last name) passed away because of Spinal Muscular Atrophy we feel it is right to raise awareness in her name. Our beautiful baby girl is at peace but there are many children and their families fighting this horrible disease. It is the #1 genetic killer of infants in the US and I had never heard of it until our daughter was diagnosed. If you are interested in reading our story please click the link and go to page 69. http://www.curesma.org/documents/research-documents/voices-of-sma-complete.pdf All I ask is that you think of baby Bellamy once in a while and if you ever feel like taking action CureSMA is a wonderful organization to support. Thanks everyone.
  2. I had no idea which part of the forum to post this as it isn't exactly Muse news, yet it is directly related to Muse in a way. A quick history/background: I have been a Muse fan since I first saw them in the states on April 2, 2000 with the Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chili Peppers. They were so fantastic live I had to pick up Showbiz and since then have been a fan. I've seen them 13 times (was supposed to see them twice more on the Muse/My Chemical Romance tour but the dates were cancelled due to food poison). In 2005 I met the lady who would become my wife. Being in our 20s at the time I was convinced that she was the "one." We used to jokingly discuss the names of our future children around the time of the Black Holes and Revelations Tour. Since about 2006/2007 I suggested if we have a daughter we name her Bellamy (obviously after Matt, but I still think it is a cute girls name!) Fast forward to last Saturday May 2nd, our daughter Bellamy was born into this world. It was the greatest day of my life and she is perfect. Her first CD is that lullaby version of Muse songs. Over the duration of the weekend we had cause for concern because she was demonstrating low muscle tone (her arms and legs weren't moving). On Tuesday our world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. This means that her arms and legs will never work and that she may eventually exhaust the muscle to swallow and breathe. Many infants will pass away within two years. As first time parents we are heartbroken. I had heard the term "heartbroken" before, but can't find the words to describe what it feels like. The disorder is caused by recessive genes in both parents so it is the worst luck of our life. My daughter is beautiful as evidenced by the photo. We, as parents are going to do everything to improve her life expectancy while maintaining the highest quality of life for her. Here is where I need the global Muse community's help. Please, when you hear a Muse song once a day or see Bellamy's name, please send positive thoughts to a little girl in New Hampshire who is fighting as hard as possible daily for a quality life. Thank you for your time in reading this small request and I apologize for the length of my background. I thought it was necessary to fully understand our story. Meanwhile, she and I will be anxiously awaiting the release of Drones! Thank you. - Eddie, Bellamy, and Mom
  3. http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/1B00438BCCC26C2A?artistid=710165&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1 I live nowhere near there but saw it on ticketmaster. Have fun!
  4. Woah, I just saw your birthday message! Thank you, that was kind of you! I hope all is well on the west coast! Go Bruins! I actually have tickets for the canucks game in beantown this year!

  5. Lucky, I'll keep my eyes open too. If anyone gets a presale password for ticketmaster, if you could PM it this would that would be lovely. Â I am so happy for Muse's success, especially because they did not even fill the Agganis Arena last tour, but I really would like floor tickets! It is almost my ten year anniversary as a Muse fan! Either way, as long as we are in the rink it is going to be a ridiculously good show.
  6. Happy birthday, hockey fan!



    (Bruins and Canucks doing great, but what happened to the Sharks?)

  7. I am watching a Boston Bruins (ice hockey) game as they are my favorite team in the world. Tonight February 6th they are playing the Washington Capitals and during the beginning of the 2nd period "Hysteria" was blasting through the rink. It was awesome, they are at the solo as they dropped the puck. I do indeed hope the Bruins win. For those in the New England Region there will be a replay at Midnight tonight on NESN and tomorrow at 2pm I believe on NESN again. You will hear it when it cuts to begin the 2nd period.
  8. ive called the call a few times and havent been able to even get in touch with an operator!!! i dont know what the deal is but according to http://www.wbru.com under concerts muse will cost only like 6 bucks and will be availiable through ticketmaster. i also got in touch with ticketmaster adn they said that sometimes although tour dates are released they have to confirm it with the promoter so i am sure that they are smoothing it out as we speak...well at least i hope i have to get 4 tickets to this show!!!
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