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  1. Hey Gemsy, I've missed you (I know, I wasn't here. Good to see you! And everyone, Gemsy was the loudest though... ) Love the article, and I love IBTY even more. Cracks me up every time and I enjoy the melodies too
  2. After some laughter and swearing after the movie (why did I think, even for a second, they'd actually play the song? smh...) I listened to it once earlier. I like it. It's catchy, for me it has something of Amy MacDonald's songs - upbeat, nice vibe especially in the guitars... I feared it would get too near Madness etc., but it didn't. Nice job.
  3. Oh, das ist toll! Gratuliere! Ich kenne Leipzig leider überhaupt nicht. Dafür aber Nürnberg und Berlin - Nürnberg ist meines Erachtens die viel schönere Stadt, aber Berlin wäre schneller zu erreichen von Leipzig aus und hat natürlich viel mehr Konzerte, Kultur usw. Wollt ihr dann zusammen wohnen, oder werdet ihr am Wochenende pendeln?
  4. Hast du das Angebot schon angenommen? Wohnungen kannst du zum Beispiel auf diesen Webseiten suchen: https://www.immobilienscout24.de/ http://www.wg-gesucht.de/ Ich kenne mich in Dresden nicht aus, aber falls du nicht selbst suchen kannst oder willst kannst du vielleicht auch einen Makler beauftragen. Melde dich gerne, wenn du Fragen hast!
  5. That reminded me of the BLUE LIGHT On a better note, finally, I hear the two "combatants" have actually managed to find an agreement Nice to see that fight of many years end at the nearly right moment So I was able to watch the video, finally! 'Tis funny Very OTT-silly-fun, I like that
  6. So now the no-show message has changed from 'not available because it MIGHT contain stuff not licensed for your country' to 'not available in your country.' . I would have thought since we can watch basically ALL other Muse stuff from here, we would be allowed to get that too when they've gotten round to figuring it out. Obviously not. No other page I can find where I could legally watch it either so far. I am contemplating writing a very nice letter to the GEMA and youtube after this. Oh and btw, I could watch the original song on youtube if I wanted to. How incredibly logical...
  7. Same. Is that legit/safe/etc.? Never heard of it and a search won't tell me much, or I'm missing it.
  8. Exactly :LOL: I never said or indicated you didn't read the other thread, I said I don't want to read most of it and wondered whether any of you had the same thoughts. Also, I didn't want to post what I did over there so I brought it here to discuss it in a nicer atmosphere. Hm, I think in a way it's easiest for new bands - nobody has any expectations about them yet, so they can do what they want. Whilst at the same time, they might be under pressure to get a foot in the "market" and feel pressed to make something popular. Other than that Muse should have it reasonably easy, they've done such weird things that basically anything goes, musically. I do hope they stay in rock/&pop generally though, anything else just isn't as energetic and great. I agree with your comments about pop mostly. Tbh these days I'm rather lazy to listen to a lot of music and especially new stuff, I just don't have the time/energy for it. So I stick to those I know atm and otherwise listen to old rock and also pop. Or nothing I don't have any. Isn't that one of the b-sides impossible to get anywhere unless you by chance bought the single decades ago?
  9. That's fine, I wasn't sure if I should actually Yeah I think the problem is if we don't look into the other thread, we'll miss some of the good links. So yeah, skim-reading. Talking of the other thread, one of their discussion points is basically whether musicians do what they do their way because they love it (=personal passion with a result others can listen to), or whether musicians/a band are a company who create a product which needs to be best suited to the customer's needs - which would mean they would have to start the process thinking what customers=fans want to hear. Which, writing songs, would be a disaster. We love being surprised, so we mustn't know what they're going to write (except maybe for weird hints that never lead us to where they're heading anyway), because they write something they think is way too ott and crazy and whatnot and we'll most of us love it because of that (and maybe despite ourselves!). Also, even more than that, their music is expression of themselves, their lives, their inspiration. If we want our needs to be fulfilled we can get that done ourselves. But if we listen to certain musicians' music, it's theirs, and we can take it or leave it. Thinking about a tour, the view changes a little. There is a supposed discrepancy between writing such mad stuff and producing it, and then playing gigs that are less mad - though, do they see it that way? A lot of things these days are about show - I won't start listing things, I'd be quicker listing what isn't show - so their thoughts about 360° stage with projection curtains and drones is very much in line with crazy/ott when it comes to show! So whether they thought about the consumer/fan whilst designing it, the result is as if they did - just not in the way the rarity-lovers wanted. And when it comes to that, what's the proportion of those vs. the casuals? Of course pleasing everyone is nice, I just think a lot of the time people are predisposed to like things or not, whether they know it or not. I remember being totally shocked at Loreley back at the time to see such a short "stadium" gig which had been so expensive, time-consuming to get to, and frustrated for it to have ended so soon, without explanation... so I focused on the facts that I had enjoyed the gig very much, seen most of the songs I expected and wanted, enjoyed a beautiful location, survived the heat that day, gotten out of the area really quickly - a stroke of luck 95% of attendees did not have to that degree - and when I got back I tried to find out what the problem was, and it was not the band's fault so I was glad to not have condemned them previously! I wrote to the organisers to make sure they knew what they'd done was rubbish, and that was it. Back on the topic of the other thread - I understand most of the complaints, but some are just turning in negative cycles deeper and deeper, and I'm fed up of it - hence trying to not read most of the negative stuff any more. Glad to see someone's done that petition which is an active way of making things better or at least trying. If it gets us more (then no-more) rarities, at least something good has come out of that ugly spiral there. Well, at least we know where they get it from then! Oh don't worry, that's fine. I hate bad language too I looked it up online and farther is the physical distance, further everything else as well but they are mostly interchangeable. So Claudia, if you're speaking of a real distance, it's farther, and it's figurative, further... I was thinking of Montreux too, but I chose less distance and a better timing. Oh well... Yay! Still hoping for professional record... #soon
  10. So, the positive Muse discussion thread! I'm torn whether to continue reading the other one. I already try to skip certain posts except for links because I'm fed up of all that negativity pouring out of them, but I don't want to miss the videos and such posted We should create an automatic transfer service to here for links only... Montreux, well... I'm happy they showed they CAN still play these songs. I would have done a lot to get Hyper Music and others. But y'know, I enjoyed my gig, I couldn't make this one, and even though we'll probably never see the recordings, I hope something good amateur will at least find it's way to us. Claudia, you mean further (doesn't work like 'weit - weiter', it's far - further. But don't ask me why, I have no clue )
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