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  1. I know. One more and I swear that is it. Seeing shadows seeing faces in the stone A million miles away from home, in the dark trees as I walk blind, In the held breath between shadows In front waiting to stretch out and see what hides behind. like two faces stony stark in need At the midpoint where no one concedes. What is to stop me from the road Bar my feet Any condition remedied by an occasional seat. Will these accumulated aches and pains Come back to haunt When there is no separation between the voices and me. I mean, what is the difference? dropping off the edge of crazy Or falling in the divide between my mind in the south and heart in the north Attached by a string yanked back and forth.
  2. How have I become so lost afraid of what adventure costs Well I will find your lost toy in every country in every story And I'll she'll come back with no concerns A brand new elephant returned With tales of bears who turn their backs And when her trunk is there unpacked You'll see the magic has returned.
  3. I love bearded dragons they like the strangest things. Mine used to like watching father ted. I tried her on other tv shows but it was only father ted she liked. Someone who I met at a vets told me theirs only watched neighbours!
  4. ^^ I would say, yes, Matt Bellamy is a sex symbol. For ballance though any man in a band is a sex symbol. It's the skillz women find hot. Helps to be hot too.
  5. I like this song. The intro sounds a little bit like the blade runner soundtrack. I wondered if that fit in with the whole drones thing.
  6. I think the dog tag thing worked ok as long as you registered and topped up online before you got there. I wasn't too bothered about any of the other bands really. Was nice to see Slash playing all the guns'n'roses stuff and I caught a few of the earlier bands who I hadn't heard of and there was nice vibe. But Muse is what I went for and they blew everyone else away. Amazing. The mud was a downer! I love the cinema tent, spent lots of time watching films and hiding from the rain. Lots of noisy campers. *sigh* So yeah best part definitely muse.
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