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  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Bellamy sounds like she was the most beautiful little one. I am glad that you found moments of joy with your girl, even through the heartache. Much love to you, your wife and all your family.
  2. I reckon all Bellumzghey's songs are about himself. But like, that totes blates doesn't count. When another band writes a homage to them, then I may sit up and take notice. Oh, and also when they start being a decent band again and stop making frankly terrible pop music.
  3. And a 'Radiohead lol' option too. But just to solve the argument - Daft Punk is playing at my house, my house. They'll show you the ropes kid, show you the ropes. No one has ever made a song about Muse. Simple.
  4. I absolutely concur. I don't know what made Bellumghey think he could shit out two steaming piles of crap and then call them albums, but somehow they came into existence, and I really, really wish they hadn't. I just hope the band won their bet with those two, for serious. And in answer to the question, Origin of Symmetry, every time. It was their pinnacle, and I doubt they'll ever be that good again.
  5. I think that's probably an exception to the rule though. You're the first person I've ever spoken to who's had something like that. It is totally bonkers to hand out infractions for shizz like that.
  6. Aye... The seriousness of their condition kind of leads me to pity them. They're like the kid with the gimpy leg who limp in last at sports day, long after everyone else has already gone for cake and juice. Nah, 'back in the day' there were plenty. Some of the beef got TOTALLY out of hand. Thinking of all the MQ drama, and Celtic Rose goes berserk and other such stunning drama pieces for this, mind.
  7. I guess mostly because I look at the characters in Main Muse and see NOTHING to joke about! I dunno. I could probably think of loads of people who've been infracted etc in Banter if I could be arsed to think. It doesn't seem to be all that infrequent to me. Maybe it's just cos I float in and out so much and don't really have a group on the board now.
  8. Well, you say that, but I have said my piece in Main Muse a few times. I just grew out of being arsed to go there. I haven't exactly avoided beef either, as everyone knows from the Celtic Rose saga and Lauren-Gate. Which I guess is why I think some people must just be pushing it too far.
  9. I totes wish that were true. I would be so elite if I had rules ALL FOR MYSELF. Power-mad.
  10. I have just read this whole thread and I... I don't understand the problem. I've been a member of this board since about 2001 or 2002 (I had another account initially) and I have NEVER read the rules, but I have also never even had an infraction. I haven't felt myself unable to speak my mind at any point, and have done so numerous times. All I can think is that either for some reason there are seperate rules for me OR people are inclined to take things way too far and then get butthurt when it gets them into trouble.
  11. What is your avatar Please!? XD

  12. I love your n00blish face lots and lots. :happy: <3

  13. HAHA we're going to Rothbury on holiday in three weeks. That's right, Rothbury. Northumberland. Where that mad gunman is on the loose. Kind of hoping they'll catch him by then!

  14. Hellloooooo! I'm good thanks. I'm on holiday now. Scottish schools went off a week ago. My first year went so well they're keeping me for another year. :D Totally chuffed.


    I hope you're well and that both you and your family are having a lovely start to the summer. xx

  15. Hellooo dear Caro I hope all is well with you and that you'll soon be having a well-deserved holiday! Hope your first year has gone well xx

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