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Live at Gran Rex 2008 - Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Wow, not sure how i've never seen this. The chosen broadcasted songs are fantastic. Is this the only pro-shot of Space Dementia we have from the BHaR tour?


I believe so.


it has never been released before! now it's out there because a guy who worked filming the show starts selling dvds with the full concert. I got it yesterday. it was really nice to relive that amazing night!


Any chance of a full DVD upload at some point?

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Agree on the Space Dementia vocals, thought the Reading 2011 was overly dramatic.


I always love how impressive and chaotic the Space Dementia outro sounds, but in reality it is just Dom trashing around on his kit and Matt doing a few simple arpeggios and glissandos up and down the keyboard.


Edit: Man that TaB performance, what a great closer.

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Oh God, never watched this before. I love how good can they be when they want. The 2nd Law Tour was great at all, but the Absolution and BH&R Tours were simply amazing, they are just being Muse playing songs, now is all that thing of please audiences and the creepy u2ness.

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