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  1. What...Hullabaloo has some of the best performances of many of the songs on the setlist. The exceptions would be some of the songs they've played a ton, but no one watches Hullabaloo for New Born, PiB etc...
  2. Wow, not sure how i've never seen this. The chosen broadcasted songs are fantastic. Is this the only pro-shot of Space Dementia we have from the BHaR tour?
  3. Yeah, Hullabaloo is my favourite micro cuts performance. In terms of the best scream, that would probably have to go to Montreux or St Malo. However for an overall performance, nothing beats the ferocious vocals of Hullabaloo.
  4. Yea the R/L's guitar version of Screenager was definitely superior to the old guitar version they use to do back in 2001. However, i still think piano version is the greatest rendition of that song, especially in the Hullabaloo version where Matt's vocals are so powerful.
  5. The chorus of Screenager. Particularly in the Hullabaloo performance, i still think it's one of the most beautiful things Matt has written.
  6. Brilliant! I can see them using them as visuals for their shows.
  7. Is it possible to be part of the private release if we weren't that active in this thread? I've only posted a couple of times in this thread but i'd really love to watch it. If not though, that's okay.
  8. Wow, Matt attempted that high note at the end of Follow Me
  9. Does anyone have The Making of the 2nd Law yet? Im going now to buy my copy (it's the 28th here), i can buy the deluxe edition from itunes with the making of the 2nd law, but i would rather have a physical copy.
  10. Yea, i think Unsustainable had huge potential. I'm completely okay with having the drops, but the drops are just underwhelming and repetitive. I remember hearing the 1st drop and thinking it wasn't too good but the second one will obviously be better. But the second drop was almost the same as the first one.
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