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The Scariest Muse Songs


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I'm not sure about you, but there are some Muse songs that, while I love them like any other song, can be really creepy and unnerving. So, I wanted to see if anybody else gets that feeling with certain songs.


Post the songs that make you feel creeped out, scared, unnerved, etc.

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Eternally Missed comes to mind. Especially the beginning with the creepy music box and the double voicy-thingy with Matt.

Recess is also a bit eerie. Also The Gallery.


No, Eternally Missed gets my vote. The ending is really creepy, I woke up actually scared listening to that once at night.

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The creepiest part about that vid, hands down, was the kid's singing.









Oh, fuck my ear.



Indeed, is creepy as hell.


The kid in that video needs his voice box removed and then castrated


Fucks sake Jamie.

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