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  1. necrobump woo As somebody who has been playing for around 7 years, I can safely say that the New Born intro is very easy. I also managed to get Isolated System by ear, that was really easy too. Sunburn is a little tougher, but still not too hard. The Futurism intro isn't too hard either, though it's a bit of a stretch. As of recently, I've learned Knights of Cydonia and Space Dementia, and I'm in the process of learning B&H. KoC destroys your left hand, just a warning. Space Dementia really isn't as hard as everybody makes it out to be, because it feels very natural. You're in a comfortable position throughout the song. Though, that one chromatic part near the middle... ugh. And B&H... good lord, B&H. I can't play 30 seconds of it yet without breaking my wrist.
  2. I think I may play Con-Science over a speaker at my house on Halloween. Any other scary-ish songs that would work for that?
  3. Take a bow. The buildup, eventually leading to a ginormous breakdown, I could always imagine this playing as the world is ending.
  4. I understand. It's just that the thought of putting Madness over Citizen Erased...
  5. ITT: Absolutely nothing past the two-page mark that relates to the subject.
  6. Can you stop being Shakespeare and speak proper, modern English?
  7. I dunno, it's heavy, but not in terms of riffs or anything. It's not like the heavy you can headbang or party to, because it's literally just random distortion.
  8. actually, I initially thought Starlight was Showbiz on that.
  9. Did you actually put Citizen Erased in the orange, and Madness in the purple?
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