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What artists would you like to see cover Muse?


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As the title says, what bands would be able to perform Muse covers without making it sound shit? (Thinking of the horrible metal cover of TOADA...)


Personally I would like to hear:


Radiohead - Ruled By Secrecy

Serj Tankian/SOAD - City of Delusion or Assassin

Jimmy Gnecco/Ours - Spiral Static or Sing For Absolution


And I know it isn't possible, but I would really like to hear Jeff Buckley cover Micro Cuts.

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I'd like to hear the Gorillaz do SMBH. The Dead Weather doing Host or Fury or another dark song would be cool, and, weird as it'd be neat to hear John McCrea from Cake sing Eternally Missed, with the sort of four-on-the-floor, mathematical structure of the song.

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Brainstorm (Prata Vetra, Latvia) would be ideal for all the "cheesy bits" like:

Sing For Absolution,

I Belong To You,






Resistance ...

All of which I love endlessly...

Enjoy Brainstorm- my Latvian Muse!

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Someone said QOTSA, and as soon as I read the thread, they were the first ones I thought of. Whatever song they did would inevitably sound darker, but Homme's vocals could bring the same chill that Matt's do. Curious how it would differ with the Them Crooked Vultures line up... 'cause they're a trio as well.

Also, I think Arcade Fire could make Exo-Symphony sound bloody fantastic! Get Regine on vocals to top it all off... female vocals would really make that interesting.

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None dude.. Muse should stay Muse... no one can re-create their sound anyway.. Why bother trying?

Since when did a cover have to mean recreation of the sound of the original?


A good covers tries to bring something new or different to a song.

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