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  1. Woah that's amazing! How did you manage that? Me and my friends did walk around the back for a bit but it was quite a feeble attempt really! Yeah i couldn't understand a word, I was really upet. Can anyone tell me?
  2. Can anyone tell me what tim Muse is comming on?
  3. Ahhh yes that would be amazing! Do you think we'll be treated to older songs like they have been doing? I really can't wait! traveling down to manc today! mega bus here i come
  4. Same here:(, I can't wait for them!
  5. Damn that was so stressful! Managed to get some, too bad they are seating, but never mind!
  6. Is there much chance of not getting a ticket in the pre-release?
  7. Yes it is! Which is great for me too! Can't wait!
  8. Then again its not so much the music i disliked as the video, it looks like somthing an amature could have made.
  9. Thankyou. Wow three times in a day, that is quite impressive, what lead you to do that. Then again I did watch marley and me twice in a row once. Oh right I have heard of it but only vaguely. naa it's not and I know what you mean and hey I feel your pain im from the north too an well i just dont think people in the south have ever heard of where i live :p. Plus I dont blame you for being proudly not america i am too!

    Yeah I hope it's different (im one of those people who was all too keane on TR). Yeah I think they did somthing like that as Im pretty sure they said they wanted to sound like Justice. Which I think is not a good idea. Not that I dislike Justice but I dont think a Muse version would be great. Recently I did see that on twitter Dom said it was sounding heavy. I quite like the sound of that!

  10. Yeah it didnt go that well but i still have 7 hourse left and it's only GCSE - not like it's important so it'll be fine! Yeah howl's has to be my favoriet, it's just so damn adorable and it was the first one I ever saw. What about you? I've never heard of them, might have to check them out. I may sounds like an idiot saying this but, BC? what/were is that? Going to gig when you don't know the band is always interesting! I like the use of the :LOL: after you state that you are canadian! Is that a bad thing? haha

    So have you been following Muse's tweet and stuff? How do you think the album is going to turn out? Better be good xx

  11. Ah sorry it took me so long to reply but just been getting really bogged down with my art exam, I had the first four hours today and, well, it didn't go quite to plan! Yeah I have seen the film and it is awful! It would be great if that actully did a good one, though its pretty hard to put 12 books worth of stuff into one film!

    Yeah I love Hayao Miyzaki, all his films are so adorable. I havent seen all of them yet but I intent to. I went to see ponyo at the cinema but they wouldn't let me in. They said I was to old! Yep I love all of them. I saw Arctic Monkeys and Panic! pretty recently, never seen the Strokes though but I'd so love to. What about you been to any good gigs lately?

    I was just looking at the Tv shows that you like and saw that there is an American Being Human? I love the english one (Im english btw) and I was wondering weather it was any good? Might be interesting to see Americans havin a go :pxx

  12. Ooh I dont know it's really hard. The Black Parade and Three Cheers are always battling it out but I suppose Id go for Three Cheers as at the moment Cemertry Drive is my favoriet song. What about you?

    Yeah I love it comic and the film! That would be mint, great idea. I noticed that you like death note too. I loved and love that series my mum is actually reading it right now! haha x

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