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  1. TDS reminds me more of that than it does of their earlier work
  2. Sounds so good without the distortion mic he used a lot in the Abso era..
  3. Would be refreshing to have Glorious in the set, even if I do think it's the most overrated muse song.
  4. Much better questions, although still not quite clear why they choose to omit Defector etc..
  5. My top 5: 5. Download Festival 2015 Surely one of the best setlists Muse have done for years (incl. Zepp). Micro Cuts was a surprise and Agitated sounded massive. 4. Manchester Academy 2015 Arguably not the best setlist from the Psycho tour, but the intimacy of the venue (went to my first concert 10 years prior at the academy) and the crowd made it one of the best (and most exhausting!) Muse gigs. I'll never forget hearing Fury being soundchecked - a favourite of mine that has always eluded me from all the gigs I've been to. 3. Wembley 2010 I was aware of the previous night's cheese-fest of a concert, so was blown away when they played Bliss, CE, MK Ultra and RBS on the second night. Matt's vocals were on top form that night and I think the CE performance is still the best version of that song. The stage, although had its flaws, was visually striking. The gig felt more special than The 2nd Law Emirates and Etihad gigs that I also went to. 2. Leeds Festival 2011 Very difficult to fault. The performances (Hyper Music, Micro Cuts, Space Dementia and Darkshines, in particular) were incredible, along with the visuals, pyro and minimalist stage design. 1. Teignmouth 2009 I agree to a certain extent with Cunge that the performances were a little lacklustre and (to add to that) the setlist was quite short, but this gig, for me, felt special. Partly because of its location and that it felt like a mini festival, but mostly because it was my first Muse concert.
  6. Update after the Drones tour; only heard one new song Showbiz: Sunburn (x2) Falling Down Cave Unintended (x3) Origin of Symmetry: New Born (x5) Bliss (x6) Space Dementia Hyper Music (x2) Plug in Baby (x11) Citizen Erased (x3) Micro Cuts (x2) Sceenager Darkshines Feeling Good (x8) Megalomania Absolution: Time is Running Out (x13) Stockholm Syndrome (x8) Hysteria (x7) Blackout (x3) Butterflies and Hurricanes Ruled by Secrecy Black Holes and Revelations: Take a Bow (x3) Starlight (x12) Supermassive Black Hole (x13) Map of the Problematique (x6) Knights of Cydonia (x13) The Resistance: Uprising (x13) Resistance (x6) Undisclosed Desires (x7) United States of Eurasia (x5) Guiding Light (x4) Unnatural Selection MK Ultra Exogenesis Part 1: Overture The 2nd Law: Supremacy (x6) Madness (x8) Panic Station (x5) Survival (x5) Follow Me (x6) Animals (x5) Explorers (x2) Save Me Liquid State (x4) Unsustainable (x4) Isolated System (x6) Drones: Dead Inside (x3) Psycho (x4) Mercy (x3) Reapers (x4) The Handler (x3) Drones(x2) The Globalist (x2) B-Sides: Dead Star (x5) The Groove Fury Agitated
  7. Gotta be Leeds, surely? I was ever so slightly disappointed with the Manchester Academy concert given they played Assassin, Futurism and Muscle Museum at previous shows. Still, can't complain... Plus, MotP which sounds great on this tour IMO.
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