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I am absolutely stoked! I have one wish for tonight and that is to see citizen erased live. For some reason, Melbourne didn't get it last time when everyone else did and that was the stay of citizen erased stopping being a staple song. Since they played it last night, chances are they won't tonight, :-( but we may get bliss which is an awesome consolation.


happy to be going tonight to be honest, considering my son was born on monday night and my wife just got out of hospital yesterday. As he was our first, I was considering not going since I thought my wife might need me but she said I should go because who knows when I will next see a Muse concert. in the end she insisted I go and enjoy myself as Muse are my favourite band.


So this just caps off the best week of my life, I for one can't wait for the show to start, getting there late since I only just made my decision to go - I'll miss most of the support act but will at least be there to see Muse.


The set last night was identical to Sydney night one so if we get the identical set to sydney night two tonight, I'll be pretty bloody happy.


But again, I'm just absolutely stoked to be going in the first place!


Congratulations! That is a special woman who must love you :D Babies are great, you will love being a father.


muse Hmm.. Not sure I can play the drums in this! http://twitpic.com/3g3hq0





:eek::eek::eek::eek: Holy Shit, he's wearing it!

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Irony? Nothing ironic about that. Before you get snarky, try the correct description. I think you mean sarcastic.

Depends entirely upon whether the person is familiar with Muse (hence, it would be sarcastic) or if the person is entirely new to Muse (hence, it would be ironic).


Can we launch the plane now, please?

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