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    A girl living in Australia. Full-time student studying journalism.
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    Reading, writing, studying - at the moment it's journalism, cooking, collecting flags.
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    Once, Star Wars, anything Disney, Pride & Prejudice, Closer
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    Don't really watch that much TV but The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - hard to watch in Australia without pay tv.
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    Anna Karenina, 1984, Pride and Prejudice
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  1. :D YAY!! Glad you like it
  2. The chocolate is awesome :D

  3. No problem at all. Luckily the delivery wasn't too far off Christmas. I'm really glad you liked it, hopefully you enjoy the cds as well. And I'm also not on the board as much as I used to be either but all the same, yay for new friends :D

  4. Thank you, so much for the lovely gifts! I'm not on the board as much as I use to be but it's always nice to make new boardie friends. :)

  5. Yes that was me. Think we were pleading for less dull shit and more Dead Star
  6. Awesome photos. May I ask what camera you used? I'm in serious need of a new one - it's a sad day when the photos from your smart phone are better than your camera
  7. Yep, it was you then. I wasn't sure until I heard the girls beside you call you Seb. I'll say hi next time
  8. My security guard was awesome. Setlist really didn't float my boat, the crowd where I was were good. I had fun, but I didn't leave feeling like I was on top of the world. It's all up to Sydney now. And Seb, I think I was standing behind you at the barrier.
  9. Where did everyone end up? I'm near the male restrooms at door 11
  10. I wish I could find people. The children behind me are annoying
  11. I've arrived. Over the side closest to the train station
  12. Hey guys, will be heading over in about 30 minutes. How are supplies going? More importantly, how's the line looking?
  13. I'll keep trying to check in here throughout the day, so if you early queuers are running out of supplies I may be able to do a drop off - then go line up in my spot in the queue.
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