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As fabulous as I can be at 5:14 am. :D Excited for the flight. I have really been in a mood when I think that the tour is coming to an end, so I'm enjoying every second of it. Troll and all ;)


hahaha, yeah.. sad times are coming. :(

I was about to sleep and skip the plane.. but then that.. picture.. you know.. woke me up.:$

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Mornin' planers. Anyone have advil for someone up at 2 in the morning with a chatty boyfriend who won't SHUT THE FUCK UP?


Morning. Sadly I don't, but I do have an awesome heavy duty frying pan ;)


So I'm guessing WATU is being played now, or very close to being played...and yes Dom is wearing/or at least wore the suit for a photo

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twistedVamp -e-

Nearly lost @squisht77 in staircase accident :p



Uh oh, not a repeat of one of the CA gigs :noey: That would have sucked.


That was really scary to see. All I saw were a whole bunch of people waving and security running over there to the area where the guy fell. Lasted around 15 minutes.

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your avatar.. wow... that's fast :LOL:


Haha thanks, I do enjoy a bit of quick photoshop and animation while waiting for the plane to take off :LOL:


I think what you're looking for is duct tape.


Well yes, there's that option too...


Our tweeter has made contact: Straffo Is Dom stuck in the morph suit or something?

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Exogenesis, Pt. 1: Overture


Knights Of Cydonia


Supermassive Black Hole

MK Ultra

Butterflies & Hurricanes

Nishe + United States Of Eurasia

Ruled By Secrecy

Jam + Undisclosed Desires

Time Is Running Out


Plug In Baby


Dead Star

Stockholm Syndrome

Take A Bow



I thinkses.

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