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  1. Hope all is good:musesign::musesign:

  2. Im usuing a warning...wikipedia says muse died...this is false...there also will be a new post on the message board saying this...it is a lie...i know who is doing this..please tell more musers and create a forum isuing this warning

  3. Hmm, new Decemberists album eh? I'm still not sure about. The first half is totally sweet but from the interlude onwards it gets a bit boring for me.

  4. Student Union building floating on the water is still exciting. Sheepehs are pretty immense, we have a mental one with one backwards horn that just stands there really aggressively with his legs apart going maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :LOL:


    Things to abolish - meanness, poverty, racism, cruelty to animals, cruelty to children. DO IT! I am joining the cause from afar, that's 2 already...I'll use my RSPB experience to send a message via arctic tern if tinternets breaks, we will not be stopped!

  5. Not pirate radio from a boat unfortunately. Student radio, from a studio in the student union building. Sounds slightly less fun doesn't it?


    Job sounds sweeeeet, I can see why you would prefer the outdoor stuff! I can relate to dodging sheep, it's a daily occurrence for us kiwis, even when just walking down the street :chuckle: And wow, Scotland would be awesome.


    Revolutionising the government is a slow process when you're as unimportant as me, haha. But I assure you, work has begun and others are being persuaded to join the cause. Soon we will make them ... err, abolish meanness or something. Yeah!

  6. Radio show eh? Is it like pirate radio, from a boat? IMMENSE! My friend from work has to go on a radio show to promote our reserve, and hopefully I'll be going with her, songs for a whole 2 hours! I'm only moving half an hour closer to work. Next year - Scotland I hope. Outdoorsy stuff includes introducing children/adults to the wonders of nature, surveying stuff, trying to learn more ID skills + dodging sheep. Have you begun the revolutionising process yet?

  7. I assure you I'm well familiar with having earphones in at work, haha. Where are you moving to this time? And when you're doing outdoor work, what kind of stuff is that?


    OH ALSO, I've got a radio show now! It's so much fun! I guess that's satisfying my need for musical workings for now.

  8. Yup, I'm moving again next month! Office tip - music + earphones, half my job is now office based and I've never worked in an office before, it's crazy, makes me enjoy the being outdoors bit more. Also, revolutionise the government from the inside, that should keep you fairly entertained. I keep having bar work cravings - FAIL

  9. Oh yeah, didn't you move somewhere and start a new job?


    Umm yeah I'm working a lot too I guess. I now have a boring government office job, don't really like it but the people are nice and it's good to be saving some monies. I'm having CRAZY pinings to get back into music retail already though, which is just :facepalm: since I pretty much had come to despise it when I left it... only 3 months ago, haha. Oh well.

  10. Hi dude! I've been mostly working + catching up with old friends. You? x

  11. Whoa you came back! How's things?

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