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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone, I've got a Amptone Lab Midi Pad on my guitar, however a part of the frame of it got cracked a bit. I talked with them and they said it will cost 20€ including shipping to me which is pretty high since it's just cheap plastic. So I decided to create a custom one, and I'm thinking about getting inspired from the manson one since they are kinda wider in the right and left, and narrower in up and down. I couldn't find any info about the manson one in the internet, if someone has it, can you please tell me the specs of it? This is the Amptone Lab one: Here's the Manson one:
  2. Let's get this going so Bs can get his new guitar. Do I have to post the fail list from the last thread? Fine.
  3. I'm planning on doing all of Matt's iconic Mansons, and compiling them in a video at the end. I'm working on the Keytar, Bomber, 007 and Doubleneck at the moment. I'll eventually get to the Laser, Delorean, Carbon, Mirror and probably a few others. I'm not actually sure which ones to include/leave out (I'm fairly sure I don't want to do every guitar he's ever used lol), so you can let me know which ones you want to see. http://zomuse.tumblr.com/tagged/guitars
  4. Hi ! I'm a proud Manson MA-2 owner (note: not MB owner *sigh*) and I have just purchased a black glitter MB-1 "replica" from some chinese people calling themselves "world famous luthiers" over at http://www.rareelectricguitar.com. What I am going to do with this guitar is mainly just fool around with it, insert some effects perhaps and just have fun. Cost me 500 $ included shipping, and I just went for it. But my question is, do any of you guys here have experience with this website? Seems legit too me. They're communicating well through email etc. And secondly, do you guys have any ideas or tips'n tricks regarding effects, pickups etc. (PS: looking forward to those "you were scammed bro" comments xD )
  5. Hi everybody, I'm new here and was wondering if anybody had any experience with the Manson MBK 1 or 2 or even the Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queens. I've pre-ordered a Cort MBC1 and plan on putting a Seymour Duncan cool rails in the neck but i'm unsure as to what should go in the bridge. I have a few Gibson's with humbuckers and a Harmony h78 with single coils so i'd quite like a p90 sound. However, i keep seeing in posts here that the MBK 2 is brilliant and i would like to try it. Anybody who can chip in with help would be much appreciated! Thanks
  6. :::-- Please note no discussion of homemade Zvex pedals of any kind, such as the Fuzz Factory, on the board please --::: the kit and tab faq Before making a post We have a real problem with duplicate threads! Please first check here to see if your question is answered (it probably is) if not please use search to check if it's been made before (title only gets good results). also check musewiki. This thread should have the answers to many queries. it is divided into 5 sections muse songs muse gear muse gear (continued) muse effects non-muse related if you are wanting to post about a particular song always search to see if a thread on the song is already there. if you're in any doubt about anything please pm me here are some links to the most common threads General discussion on anything kit and tab related post pictures of your gear Manson guitars and equipment (also see MB-1 thread, DL-1 thread, MB-2 SE thread, CE-7 thread, and Cort MBC-1 thread) Fuzz Factory/fuzz probe thread the selling thread pics of you rocking out gigging General luthiery thread recommend gear thread G.A.S. thread thread for quick questions on anything kit and tab related (un)worthy mods (DIY thread) Effects Settings resouce plug your band and mp3s what order should my effects pedals go in kaoss pad thread Dom's drums tab request thread Also, if you would like to post your covers of muse or non-muse songs, please see the cover thread here Additions, suggestions or corrections are welcomed and appreciated. PM me, Tom!, or Matthijs if you have any ideas
  7. Hello, I know this will probably get merged into the "Luthiery thread" but, it had no help on there. I am making a Manson Replica, and instead of starting from scrath, I took an old guitar, not even sure what it is, all I know is that it is a Westone thunderbird methinks I have a P90 in the neck (as always ) and an EMG in the bridge, 2 Vol, 2 Tone and a 3-Way selector. How the *%$@ do I wire these up? I have Pics, but I'm not too sure how to upload them Thanks EDIT: Westone Spectrum ST
  8. Today I was in the Mansons shop in Exeter and I was trying out the special limited edition Red Glitterati Paint Fuzz Factory. It's official name is the 'Manson Custom Fuzz Factory'. They are currently selling for £209 and only 6 of the 10 made are still available. They first went on sale just yesterday, and are expected to sell out today or tomorow. It is exactly the same as the standard Fuzz Factory, except it's the same colour and glitter as is on Matts Glitterati Manson guitar. It is an absolutely beautiful Fuzz Factory, hand painted in Exeter. The limited edition #3/10 was hand painted on the 29/03/2010. As I have spoken to the people at Mansons, I think I could probably answer any questions. For more information, here is the Mansons official link http://mansons.co.uk/shopping/categories/z-vex-effects/z-vex/custom-glitterati-paint-fuzz-factory/ This is a thread for the Mansons custom Fuzz Factory only, it is separate to the general Fuzz Factory thread. I have searched for a thread for this custom Fuzz Factory, but couldn't find one, so sorry if there already is one
  9. Hey, I am going to buy some new pickups for my guitar. At the moment, I have got some pretty basic "Box standard" humbucker pickups which lack in clarity and in their depth of tone. I basically want some high quality humbucker pickups which will make me guitar sound amazing. But, I do want the options of being able to play some slick clean sounds in a sort of acoustic-esque-ness but also needs to be great for all kinds of distortion/fuzz. So what I want to know is, Which Manson Pickups would be best suited for this, Or can you recommend any other pickups?
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