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  1. Not yet but going from previous tours, they've always come here last (or close to it). Also it's usually November/December and the announcement in 2017 was in August so fingers crossed they will come back again.
  2. DD Gospel snippet https://twitter.com/i/status/1099165591380942848
  3. Anyone is free to join but late last tour most stopped bothering. I'd still be up for it.

  4. Hey Kueller does anyone use the live gig chat anymore?

  5. Yeah fair enough. I tweeted Matt, Dom, Dom Anderson and Tom but get nothing from them. I'm unemployed at the moment so got nothing better to worry about :p

  6. I figure the festivals are being played while their gear is shipped overseas. Last I heard was August/September-ish

  7. Hey any news about when Muse are due to be in Asia and Australia? Last I heard it was August but they're doing festivals then.

  8. It's only expert. It would take me way too long to do other difficulties. And since I haven't played anything but expert is almost a decade I don't know the customs.

  9. Also is there any way to play on another difficulty or are the songs all expert by default?

  10. Check back on the project page I'm updating it whenever I finish. New song is in progress atm.



  11. Hey I fired up Frets On Fire Muse tonight for the first time in a few years and just wanted to say it's awesome and thanks again for mapping out all the songs, must've taken ages. Are there any add ons for it?

  12. Yeah fair enough point, I guess we'll never know what truly went on. It's a shame they couldn't stay together as the original 4 piece anyway. I saw them 3 times live including the farewell tour which was nice. I haven't listened to their material much since Clint left, but I've given it all plenty of listens over the years.

  13. Yeah and TBE have basically died since the new guy joined. Their Facebook page is dead, Glenn has started his own solo career and tours with Clint etc. The crap about him holding the band back makes no sense.

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