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  1. Just something interesting I thought of For me "Love, it will get you nowhere" since I can never seem to get a relationship. Oh well, that's how life goes. Another is "Together we're invincible" as I've had a lot of struggles but got through them okay Would love to hear your thoughts.
  2. Dead Inside - This had to grow on me. I will admit I found it boring, but that middle part and the ending? Love it. Much better than Madness 7/10 Psycho - Cheesy lyrics, repetitive riff...still good to headbang to 8/10 Mercy - It's like Starlight had a brother! Quite like this, but guitar could have been better 6/10 Reapers - Easily one of the best songs on the album 10/10 The Handler - Oh hey In Your World riff 9/10 Defector - Very Queen-esque...not a bad thing in my book. Love that chorus 8/10 Revolt - Eh...could be better, especially with a title like that 6/10 Aftermath - Beginning sounds ominous, but then I don't know what to think 5/10 The Globalist - Really like the beginning. I feel that the guitar is out of place in this, especially with the piano. As a concept song, it works. Not so much on it's own 7/10 Drones - I really like the acapella All in all a 8/10 for me (Confusing rating ahoy)
  3. I really think Exo Part 3 would work for a slow dance
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