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  1. XFM just stated that Chris on the show after 7pm GTM and they'll be playing Dead Inside. At least that's some clarity.
  2. Although I was feeling a little deflated after the first listen last night (mainly due to the "Prelude" and that damn choir), I have listened to it on repeat for a good couple of hours and now find myself having some very positive things to say about it. 1) A very good strong vocal performance by Matt 2) The guitar is excellent. 3) Yes the lyrics are full on cheesy, but come on, this is the official Olympic song. Wouldn't exactly be fitting if he started wanging on about neutrons and galaxies. I remain optimistic for The 2nd Law, but also feel that I should point out that this track was played on radio with a Prelude, which leads me to believe it'll be the first track on the album. In the spirit of Apocalypse Please & Take A Bow. Both were good songs, and this is a GOOD solid song (minus the choir obviously). The 2nd Law will be a great album. If it's not, I will eat my own shoes.
  3. It'd be awesome if you had a chance to send me the radio edit of Resistance. I'd really like to hear it. Thanks!

  4. I'd love to hear the radio edit of Resistance when you get a chance if you can send it my way. Thanks in advance

  5. Frequent misbehavior, think I can manage a bit of that :)

  6. Absolutely! Although considering we'll see you three times at least next year these times are gonna become less random and more frequent misbehavour! Ah well, it's all good,

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