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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the new consolidated central thread for all collecting concerns Your Muse Collection Use this thread to discuss any collecting matter, you collections of release and merch, and ask any questions you have. You might want to check out and contribute to the MuseWiki Discography, which is currently the largest discography of Muse releases in existance. You might have noticed this section of MuseWiki is now integreated into the discography on the new Muse website, and is a great resource for anyone looking to collect Muse releases. You may also wish to visit the fan website musecollectors.com too. Is this item authentic? If you want to check if an item you've found for sale is authentic this is the place to ask! If you want to get a better confirmation then Muse Management have set up an email address that you can get certain items checked. Before contacting them, please read their guidelines here. The email address is help@muse.mu. Please use these guidelines when contacting Muse Management: Please note that Muse have only ever released two live albums: Hullabaloo (on DVD and CD) and HAARP (on CD+DVD). Any other live album you find is not authentic and you should not pay for it! Instead please visit the fan websites MuseBootlegs.com and Muselive.com for free access to recordings of Muse performances, and of course, check the Bootlegs forum here!
  2. I got the Super Deluxe set for my birthday and I was super excited to listen to the vinyls. However, when comparing them to the original songs on my phone, the songs on the vinyl are /way/ faster (yes I'm using 33rpm). Did anyone else have this problem/ can anyone help figure out what's going on???
  3. Hello! So on Muse's twitter, I have been seeing lots of retweets of people finding autographed vinyls of Drones. I am trying to use the website (separate) for locating the nearest "Hidden Lever," however it is just stuck at "Finding Location." I am using it on my mobile, as is directed, however I am still having the same problem. Is anyone else having issues with this?
  4. I love MUSE and Vinyl, but all of their vinyl reissues sound terrible. Has anyone heard of any plans to reissue their albums on 180gm Vinly with more attention payed to sound quality? If not, then we should start a campaign to make it happen.
  5. When will I be able to buy ALL of Muse' studio albums in vinyl from muse.mu? (or anywhere else I guess) I have been checking this link frequently.. http://muse.mu/store/category,albums_1aspx.htm?T=14 ..and they are all there except for Showbiz. I'm new to the forum. I don't know if this is the right place to ask, so if anyone knows where to ask instead please say. I have e-mailed support twice. It's sometime ago though. The answer was "They're not in stock" It probably still is but if anyone knows I'd like to be reassured.
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