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  1. I have seen the show - but from standing so I couldn't see much at all. What little I could see looked amazing, which is why I want to be sure I get a good view this time! Oh well, I'm sure all will be well, and at least I'll see more than I could from the floor, being such a short-arse with great tall blokes all around me! 🙂
  2. 😁Ha! My original code email has also just arrived. How spectacularly unhelpful! But I guess some folk who are owed the code might not be members on here or know about the 1pm password, so they will be relieved, I guess... kingfisher0263 - do you mind me asking why you did 100+ searches? I thought the tickets I was offered might be a bit too close to the stage (if that can be a thing) - so much so that we'd be behind the band, so I kept trying to get some a little bit further back. In the end I just took what I was offered rather than risk having to take nosebleeds or the back of the stadium. Were you after a specific spot?
  3. Yes, it'll be their first Muse concert. I took eldest (13) to see Imagine Dragons and she loved it, but she also really loves Muse so was gutted I booked a standing ticket for London the other week and couldn't take her. And youngest is still jealous that she missed Imagine Dragons and hasn't been to a big concert yet. They're both going to be blown away by this show, it's absolutely stunning! And as I'm too small to have been able to see much from standing last time, I'm looking forward to being able to take in the effects properly from up in the seats this time. First night away from a tiny one is always hard, but he'll be fine and you'll have an amazing time!!
  4. Thanks to awesome folk on another thread, I got my code by emailing UK-customerserviceteam@wmgcustomerservice.com, and then avoided the Ticketmaster loading wheel of doom by clicking directly on the ticket links here: https://listings.ticketmaster.co.uk/muse-uk Good luck everyone!
  5. Found it, and yes, it went straight through! Tickets bought. HUGE thanks to sakurachu who suggested emailing customer services, and charlotte16492 for pointing me to the right link. I'd have been utterly lost without your help. My daughters are going to explode when I get home tonight and give them the good news that they're going. We'll be eating beans on toast for several weeks to pay for it, but every bean will be worth it! THANK YOU!!!!! 🙂
  6. What link was that, please, Charlotte? I've looked around but can't find a tickets link...
  7. Gah! Code email has arrived but sales site is stuck with a loading wheel of doom! The stress!
  8. I'm still compulsively checking my emails in case customer services get back me with a code in time, but with less than 20 mins to go, hope is fading fast...
  9. I found my entire profile section blank and that box unticked when I went in to get the 1pm code. So I can see the password there, but you might be on to something. If all our boxes got unticked, that might explain why so few codes have been sent out. I did get the general 'new dates announced' email though.
  10. AnnieUnintended


    I posted pretty much the same question at the same time as you! Are you wondering where your code went or trying to get hold of a spare code?
  11. There's a bit of griping on another thread here and on Twitter from folks who should be due a 9am presale code for the new UK dates that go on sale tomorrow morning. But I guess that perhaps it's only folk who *haven't* got the code who have reason to post (grumble), not that there's been a global fail or the codes haven't been sent out yet. So, if you did preorder the album, so are eligible for the 9am presale code, were you sent one this morning? And if you did get a code, had you previously bought tickets for one of the other UK dates that has already happened (except RAH)? Thanks!
  12. Ah. So codes have apparently been sent to some, but not to everyone who should get one? I was wondering if the thousands of happy people with codes wouldn't have reason to be looking on here this evening, which is why we haven't seen many 'yes' posts. But if there are loads on Twitter also saying they haven't got codes then maybe something has gone wrong. If there's an issue with sending them out, hopefully there will still be some decent seats left for sale when the 1pm presale rolls around. It would be very disappointing to only be able to get the nosebleeds again.
  13. Tickets for presale and general sales on Ticketmaster - https://www.ticketmaster.co.uk/muse-tickets/artist/1400322 But London only at this point.
  14. Ah. That's not good news for those of us who haven't had the code. The email I got at 9.01 this morning just announced the new dates - no code. So I guess I'm not getting one then. 😞 I'm taking my mega-fan daughter this time so need seated tickets, which means the code is a bit more crucial to get good seats. She still hasn't forgiven me for not taking her to the Olympic Stadium gig. The link will only take you to the general sale page until the presale opens, if I remember how it all works. Good luck if you're planning to buy tickets!
  15. I've just come on here to see if anyone had the answer to the same question. So, yes, could anyone who has received their code please let us know? And if I used my previous one to buy tickets already, does that mean I've had my chance so I won't get another this time? I did get a new code when the Bristol date was announced even though I had already used my previous code.
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