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    Pre-Show Songs

    Thanks josedejesusch! I had been trying to remember what one of the songs before the concert was and after 5 weeks had given up hope. I knew the song but could not think of its name or where I had heard it before. Your list catapulted it back into my memory: Daft Punk - Giorgio By Moroder
  2. A supermassive big thanks to josedejesusch over on this adjacent thread: http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=113871 His comprehensive list revealed the song I was looking for: Giorgio By Moroder from Daft Punk. I hadn't recognised it because the voice-over from Giorgio had already finished when I entered the concert hall and started listening to it.
  3. Thanks, AloFury, but unfortunately that is not it either.
  4. Thanks, forevermusic, but the song I'm searching for was played before the support group started - about 15 - 30 minutes before they started, to be a bit more precise.
  5. Thanks for your suggestions, Rustyy and Dominic, but no, it wasn’t Chvrches. As I say, it was an instrumental track, so no singing. The mystery deepens.
  6. Thanks for your help, chaps, but unfortunately the song I'm looking for is not the “Dance of the Knights”, DyingAtheist98, nor is it in your extensive list, titoufou17. At one point in my efforts to recall what the song may be, this one sprang to mind. Moby’s “Extreme Ways” from the “Bourne Identity” film - but after listening to it, I realised it wasn’t. It was a sort of cross between “Extreme Ways” and the orchestral accompaniment to “The Hanging Tree”: (the first 1:50 minutes) There must be a way to find this out. Who actually decides what music is to be played before the concert? Muse themselves, their management, the sound engineers?
  7. I was at the Munich concert and since then have been plagued by a song that was played as background music before the concert started. I know the song but cannot think of its name or where I have heard it before. I hope someone can help me! It was played about 15 minutes before the support group started (so at around 19:30). It was an instrumental, quite upbeat, but with interludes of strings playing an unconventional/unexpected chord progression, slightly reminiscent of the strings chord progression in "The Hanging Tree". The song in fact finished with this strings chord progression. I'm hoping that the pre-concert music is mostly the same from concert to concert, so perhaps someone out there can alleviate my frustration. Indeed, there are still plenty of concerts coming up, so perhaps someone who reads this before going to one of the future concerts could then give an extra listen. Thanks! Steve
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