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  1. Excellent gig! Visuals superb, crowd were lively, band on form, the Tom Morello appearance was epic, and was so happy to get into the golden circle. We also queued at turnstile y from about 4pm. Didn't think we'd get the wristbands but was a nice surprise
  2. the booking says 5pm concert begin (first support), so I reckon the gates will open around 3ish. Airport is fairly easy to get to.
  3. just to advise that you'll be best to search just outside of Manchester for any hotel rooms now. Parklife festival is on the same day so most Manchester hotels are now fully booked! We're staying in a pub in Chorlton.
  4. easier than I thought that'd be - 4 standing tix purchased for me and my mates
  5. hoping to go to this! Any early indicators of pricing yet?
  6. So the transition to pop-rock band is now complete https://xfactor.sky.it/2018/11/5/muse-ospiti-internazionali-finale-x-factor-2018/
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