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  1. Yeah I'll try and blag it but I have done enough... just not finished it lol! Its in the bag :)

  2. Na Im sorta new and making new friends! :) Im a bit of a Muse addict lol! xx

  3. Damn that was quick, er Im doin work... just taking a little break lol! Need inspiration no wot I mean??

  4. Cristina whats your fav muse track at the moment?? x

  5. Na, but Im gonna sort out a Myspace before I shoot off to Uni lol!

  6. Ive got videos of the night that Im trying to upload onto Youtube sum time! xx

  7. CD that Ive got has rare b-sides and the live set of Le Zennith (including Darkshines) Its awesome get it quick!

  8. Eh? do you not recognise the face lol! Like I said I'm new and making new friends before I shoot off to uni! :) x

  9. Эй я нов! Каков ваш любимый след МУЗЫ прямо сейчас??


    Hey I'm new and I love Russian culture (Im studying it at the minute) Hope my translation is ok, Wow its finally nice to meet a Russian Muse fan! Ad me ;) xx

  10. Hey Im new! How the hell did you get tickets for all those gigs (stupid question really)... I envy you lol! How was Marlay Park?? x

  11. Hey Whats your fac muse track right now??

  12. Hey love your Muse Album! Im new how you lol?? x

  13. Hey was it 2001 when Muse played at the Wembley arena do you know?? xx

  14. They are seriously cool! Alongside //matt (who is seriously cool) and red hair (which also seriously cool) luv red hair xx

  15. Ha will do then coz I dont fancy getting flamed any time soon! Catch you around then. Im off to catch sum good banter! :D x

  16. "I came for the love and all i got was this lously reply" lol is the t-shirt that I should be wearing right now ;)! Yeah that sounds great, got lots to tell bout my unhealthy obsessions with Muse (heck thats why we're here right??) xx

  17. Hey I'm new and heard you love Matt too! (He is a fucking god afterall!) Have you ever seen them live?? (I'd love to meet matt in person!!!) :D

  18. Hey! I'm like new and heard that you've plenty more wife loving to give out lol! Would you like a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean?? xx

  19. Hey if you can, get the Hullabaloo Live DVD and CD is you really appreciate Muse!

  20. Hey ruled_by_secrecy I've added you to my friends. So you like films eh?? Don't suppose that you were at the Enter Shikari gig on thu?? Btw Muse rock!

  21. In the meantime you'll have to make do with a supprise visit at work sometime lol! x

  22. Na msm(boo!) I'm gonna set up a My Space account soon though cba at min th :) x the world is my oyester lol!

  23. I should be able to put the name(badge) to the face lol x

  24. Sundays are cool, I'll pop in some day and chat (that is if you want to or your not busy lol!) ;) xx

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