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    I like talking, surfing on the net, plaing cards, going out with my friends
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    italy bassano del grappa
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    listen music, play the piano
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    radiohead, sum 41, green day, guns'n roses, depeche mode,evanescene, foo fighters, nickelback, nirvana, oasis, rage against the machine, stereophonics, the beatles, tchaikovsky, the verve, travis, vanilla sky...and maybe muse ;)
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    honey, il posto delle farfalle, donnie darko.....
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    simpson, futurama, full metal alchemist, black box, the hills
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    I don't like read
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    Absolution tuor
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    I've seen Muse in Padova at trl 2005
  1. Im really well actually, it's my birthday tomorrow and I got the best present ever! Two Tickets to see Muse in Teignmouth!!!! I've waited 9 years for this moment! Ah Im glad you like the Red/Black Tele its amazing and my first choice guitar! How are you?? x

  2. hey!!!! excuse for my delay but i got a lot to do!!! how are you?? ....about your black/red giutar ....is awsome!!!!

  3. No unfortunatley but I want to meet other musicians who like playing muse stuff! Do you mean my black/red guitar?? My pride and joy lol! x

  4. hi!!! sorry but I red your messege now..and you send me your messege on june!!!...I'm a disaster!!!! I'm fine thnx u?

  5. Hi!!! sorry for the late but i usually answer very late!! it's one of my best features!!!! so don't you worry!!

    i looked too your photo!!! your guitar is fantastic!!! ^_^ do you play with a band??

  6. Hey love your Muse Album! Im new how you lol?? x

  7. woo!:happy: crazy fan! :LOL: hows u?

  8. hi!!! thanks for your add! how are u?

  9. hi I'm alessandra, and i'm a very crazy fan about muse!!!! leave me a messege and let me know!!

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