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  1. Kavo

    Emily you just made my night (: I'll accept when I get back on it (easter sunday) so we can cacth up :) Aaww I'm so happy now :happy: xx

  2. Emily

    Donagh! I got your text but I can't text back to Ireland anymore! ( I don't think ) So here I am logging into this thing after god knows how long just so you know I am not ignoring you!

    I have added you on facebook so we can chat sometime on there if you ever go on! can't face cutting you out after all our lovely chats and all the help you gave me over the time hahaha :) been too long.

    Emily xx

  3. I was totally missing you sm emz <3

    I'm gonna see if you're on emessen

  4. wtqb tewqeq hi chloe, how were your results?

  5. you touched him.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS. did you bury your face into his scent.

  6. my hands smell of george


    i'll tell you this for free


  7. how could you chloe.. how could you :supersad:

    ITS OKAY, i forgive you already.

  8. oh CRUD

    i'm having me a prodigy rave without you... :(

    SOWWY i'm in too deep to stop now

  9. hahah NO PROBLEMO

    hope it was splendid

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