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  1. I had a well weird dream last night! I went to meet Matt after he played this gig at a small venue and he was rude really fat and sweaty lol! Sounds more like a nightmare! Turns out though that it was just some sad impersonator and I bumped into the real Maett in a bar, he signs autographs and poses for photos *yay*!

  2. Ah man seriously... I'm working my arse off to go Uni next year! The partying is slowly creeping back though (as the money slowly dries up!)

  3. Hey I'm a Yorkshire fan as well! Yeah Michael Vaughan is my fav player!!! :) I play for a team called Abbots Ripton Cricket Club. Whats your role bat/bowl?? x

  4. Love Hot Fuzz & SOTD!!! x

  5. Lol sounds like a song they might do! I'm thinking a mix of B&H and maybe /deadstar! :) Dreams of Muse are good! Can't wait for their new album!! xx

  6. Hey btw I love cricket and would be very interested!!! I play for a local team can you give me more info pls?? x

  7. Wow I love your profile! Do you like cricket as well?? what team you follow?? xx

  8. Wow love your profile! What sort of British literature interests you?? x

  9. I 'bought' the rights to my company names on sum american site lol! I make a wide variety of films heres a taster:

    Year Movie Role

    2007 An Interview with Davis Director

    2007 Sunset Boulevard (remake) Director, “Joe”

    2007 Film Noir Director

    2007 Walrus Man Director, “Sam”

    2007-08 I'm Pregnant Director, "pregnant man"

    I have a filmography that I'm trying to upload lol, all my fils are...different! x

  10. Have you got an album of your own pics?? x

  11. Er by what do you meanwhat did i use lol?? x

  12. Tell me bout it! Its sooo hard haaving all these cool ideas but no money or decent actors :(! I even made my own production companies though (at a small price) MCD Productions and the other Labyrinth Industries lol! Its how I fund my films x

  13. Im a media student and I love making films lol! Er not 2 confident with editing coz I only know how to use an Apple I-mac to edit

  14. Wow thats an impressive profile you have! I've never seen Muse live! :(

  15. Awesome! lol making £200 for a mess about film isnt that bad... who knows perhaps theres a career in it?? What do you do? x

  16. Also as well could you quote me a price on a M1D1 replica with a KAOSS pad please? Btw saw your vids on youtube...amazing!

  17. Hey I havent spoke to you in ages!!! How you doin?? xx

  18. Hey nice avatar lol! You a Muse superfan too?? x

  19. Whereabouts is that picture of you by the river it looks like somewhere of the Hullabaloo DVD extras lol! x

  20. Yeeah I made a film for a local Film Festival and I came 1st... and won £200! hopin to put it in youtube soon! x

  21. Well there isnt a song that I don't like but at the min my fav song is either Knights of Cydonia or Crying Shame x

  22. Just found some old photos of me and decided to upload them lol ;) enjoy!! xx

  23. Their Music is out of this world!!! It is so unique and diverse. The first song I heard was either Sunburn or New Born! I love listening to their old & rare stuff on you tube what is your fav song at the minute?? x

  24. Hows life in Uni?? Can't wait til I go as well!!! Hey I've uploaded some new stuff on my albums xx

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