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  1. Ha no Im going Exeter University but not sure what to study yet! What you doin with your life?? xx

  2. Im just curious really because I have never been to Russia but I want to go. Could even take a look at the University in Moscow! ;). I can read and write Cyrilic but I cant speak Russian yet! :9 xx

  3. Three times lol! been trying since 2001 but they are almost impossible to get tickets for... unless they headline Reading 09 in which Im sorted :D x

  4. No but I'd really love to go one day soon!!! Я надеюсь, что это в порядке? Пока мой русский язык был плох! Im hopin to meet someone out there, plus I hear the food is good (I love Blinis!) Where did you study english?? xx

  5. Hi dutch Im like new, just wonderin what your fav Muse gig to date is (even if you didnt attend)?? x

  6. Hey I checked out all the Muse gigs that you've been to... I envy you lol! I want to see them live soooooooooooo bad (been triny since 2001!!) x

  7. Hey hows things over in your part of the world?? xx

  8. Still I'd trade all my sweets for a Matt cookie! :) lol or just Matt be fine! xx

  9. I havent yet seen them live tho :( came so close this year at V, have you been so lucky?? x

  10. Hey Im sort of new & Im pretty obsessed with Muse as well! :) Ive heard of a couple of Frankenstein Drag Queens from planet 13 songs ;) x

  11. Mmm... very interesting profile! lol x You ever seen Muse live?? x

  12. Lake Como lol! Im gonna stalk Matt! Going for like a year maybe then Germany for a bit ;)

  13. Hey I think its great that there are loads of people all over the world who love Muse too! :D Had this weird dream I had Matt's number but when I called him he thought it was some prank lol! x

  14. Sure I'l check them out lol! :) Life is good at the mo planning on going Italy soon! x

  15. Dunno but im heading off so catch you later! :D

  16. Fuck it Iv got a ticket so im off regardless lol!

  17. Cambridge! Yeah Im really into Russia basically! I love the language (even though Im yet to master it) the clothes, the colours... and the women! xx sorry if my last translation sucked but I was trying to ask you in russian wot your favourite muse song was!

  18. Dan?? V sold out coz I tried phoning and everything! dan who?? Hopefully they headline reading 09 lol x

  19. What I wouldnt give to meet that guy lol! (Matt that is) Its impossible to get tickets for them tho (been trying for years!) x

  20. I was looking on this forum where ppl were comparing him & Gerard Way! Tbh tho I do like MCR but they just don't have what Muse have (an excellent guitarist and pianist) in that matt can hold such notes even live! Dan would prob dissagree tho x

  21. Because his voice is so unique its sounds really weird on Muse's early stuff (bit squeeky), my mum often mistake him for a young woman when I listen to them lol! x

  22. Finally someone who is speaking my language! I wanna collect all their stuff (b-sides, singles etc) But stuff like that Japanese album is hard to come by. Muse EP is like one of the rarest I think. Songs like Balloonatic & Falling with the crowd go way way back check them out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcvuRTiVHnw&feature=related

  23. Its Just Muse's excellent cover of Heartbreaker with some prick signing (and I use the term singing loosely) over it! There isnt a Muse song out there that I dislike really, you??

  24. Ha thanks Im glad you've noticed! ;) Im just really keen on finding other ppl who like Muse as ther doesnt seem to be many where I live! xx

  25. Er no 2nd Med is 4th lol! Quickly checkout this song on You Tube & tell me what you think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBf4EuoQvyc

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