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  1. Clockwork Orange is my fav film of all time!!! I went as this at my last fancy, hat & everything!!! :D Hows things?? xx

  2. Ive been looking everywhere for the Japanese version of Hullabaloo & I can't find it :( Can I ask where you got yours?? x

  3. Hey have you seen Muse live at all?? xx

  4. Wow some of those places look amazing (especially the winter shots!) I only could think of the Kremlin, Mavzolei Lenina and Peter and Paul Fortress to visit off top of my head? Are there any places you like/would reccomend?? Россия имеет красавиц! x

  5. Album with me?? What do you mean like all Muse's CDs?? I dont know much about Moscow istelf but can you tell me some interesting places? Hows this: Какие достопримечательности находятся там в Москве? x

  6. Anybody going to get hold of a copy of the RAH gig on DVD soon??

  7. Floccinaucinihilipilification? not worth the effort lol! x

  8. Hey I'm new! You've prob got asked this alot now but I'm interested in how people get these Mattocaster Guitars and was wondering if you could send me some info please. I have a Squirer by Fender OBEY Propaganda tele & was thinking what custom specs could be added to it (all the usually manson spec really) Get in touch when your not busy!

  9. Oldies is goldies lol! I wish I could get my hands on some of these tracks, I think that someone made a downloadable copy of the Muse Demo cassette. Mind you the cassette itself would do nicely lol! Is the Budstock version the blurry vid on youtube when Matt had long hair?? x

  10. Hey Muse Management don't suppose you could pass a messege on to Muse could you?? Can you ask them if they would be interested in an interview with a fan for his media project?? Its just that I have never had the chance to meet them or had the privelege to see thm live (I've been trying since late 2001 & the closest I've come is getting fake tickets for V 08 :( )! I just thought I'd ask...

  11. Hey KirkBot you should set up an album or something! Heard that you were a pwoper good photographer!

  12. I can do basic sentences at the min but feel free to teast my abilities lol! xx

  13. Floccinaucinihilipilification! Obviously

  14. Меня зовут Скотт!!! Hows that?? x

  15. Found a rare Muse demo cassette on the web from when they about 18! It sounds... different

  16. Im sorry please forgive me but its official... I love the Glitterati (I know, I know but Ijust love it too much!!!) I want one lol :D xx

  17. "...And your innocence, I will consume" lol What you been up to since we last spoke?? xx

  18. Yeah if you type some of it in russian perhaps I can have a go ;) Ive got a russian copy of a Clockwork Orange somewhere but thats hard enough to read in english!!! xx

  19. Yeah but I stumbled across their old stuff via youtube, y'mean like when Matt's voice was all squeaky lo?? Falling in with the crowd is my fav :D xx

  20. You rock seriously! Hope I bump into ppl like you when Im finally lucky to see Muse live! Have you ever heard any real early Muse stuff?? xx

  21. Just chatting on here basically & found out her mate went to the Enter Shikari gig in Cambridge that I went to!! Small world lol! xx

  22. Mmm your place sound scary but I will visit! K gotta go speak 2 ya soon!!! xx

  23. You are so speaking my language! Man its nice to meet Muse fans who are just as obssessed as I am. As for the gigs I havent seen any, so when I build a time machine I'll take you back with me and we can see all their gigs...ever!!! xx

  24. K perhaps I should be an annoying customer lol na joking, Il pop in and see you some sunday when Im free! (promise) :D x

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