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  1. Thanks for the comment!!! I was a little tired though when I took the picture! If you want to know what product I used then its this sruff in a red pot called DAX WAX! If you get your hair like this you have sooo got to upload it :D x

  2. Like way back in 2001 but I've never seen them live :( I just love their music sooo much, its moving and makes me feel alive! I play guitar but I onky know Muse songs! How about you?? x

  3. Hey Im really good thanks, just uploaded a few pics of myself. Where you live looks really nice! ;) Im just chatting to this nice russian girl Irene and brushing up on my russian! x

  4. Thanks for the comments ;) Your english is better than my Russian lol! :) xx

  5. Ha not bad photos eh? At least you can put a face to me lol! sorry about he quality of the spikey one (i took it on my phone) TRANSPORT was a title for a piece of avant-garde artwork that I did using russian propaganda posters! xx

  6. Nice collection you have there.... lucky git lol! Hows things??

  7. Im uploading some old ones my hair is a bit long though lol! :) xx

  8. Hey how are you?? Soz for the late reply lol! :) Hows things?? xx

  9. I have a few photos of me posing with my guitars so I'll use them as well. Do have any real recent photos?? только любопытный! ;) xx

  10. I had another dream again about Muse lol! I went to watch this crappy techno band in this small pub in the middle of nowhere (not sure why) and Matt was there as well like two tables away. I pluck up the courage to talk to him... and he offers me a seat saying "I know why your are here" creepy I know but he tells me everything that I ever wanted to ask him... shame it was only a dream! :( x

  11. Hi I'm new! I've read your profile and you are seriously cool!!! I have a close freind who is staying in Germany for a year. I'm a Muse superfan as well by the way ;) I also speak German semi fluent as well hows this?

    Ich möchte Deutschland, besonders Aachen besuchen! Ich spiele Gitarre, Uhrenfilme und höre Musik ebenso zu! sorry if its bad I'm a bit rusty :( x

  12. Hey Im new! I love A Clockwork Orange, I went dressed as this at my last fancy dress party (hat & everything)! xx

  13. Hey Mr Dink Im sorta new! What Muse stuff do you own??

  14. Hey Im new(ish)! Your profile rocks seriously, You into movies I see lol! x

  15. I try to collect some of thier rare early stuff...Y'know those little gems out there in some lucky person's possession! x

  16. Erm well other stuff about me... I have my own little collection of guitars and I'm also thinking of getting 7 different stars tattooed on my right arm. Yeah I know 53kg sounds skinny but I am only 5ft 7!!! ;) I want proper red hair though like Matt used to have! :) Have you got any more pictures to add as well?? xx

  17. Hello I'm a keen learner of the Russian language (do you know Irene??) and I'm planing on visiting Russia soon! Its great that there are sooo many Russian Muse fans!!! Какова ваша любимая песня в минуту? sorry if my Russian is bad! x

  18. Hey Im like new and finding some pretty cool people on this site! I'm a mega Muse superfan & Im glad to see that there are plenty of other people out there!!! x

  19. Damn that is an impressive collection of Muse stuff! Where did you get it all??

  20. Hey Adrianna, if you can send brutal my love lol! She wont talk to me (think she wants to eat me!!!)

  21. Mmm... well Im not the tallest of people, (I'm only 1.73m) and a bit skinny (53kg) but I'm only 5ft 7. Also I have long spikey red hair and naturally green eyes! :) But I do wish I had hair like Matts. I'll try and get an album together soon though! xx

  22. Hey could you ask Matt, Dom & Chris if they would be interested in doing an interview for a passionate fan for his media company?? Cheers geez!

  23. Hey! I see Irene tells you that I'm into Russian culture... Well basically I kinda am :) Im planning on visiting Germany and then Italy soon, what is Lombarda or Brescia Like?? x

  24. Ive got some old ones I can get hold of and upload them... but I look so miserable in them (I hate being forced to have my picture taken) Iv got one of me in a tradional Russian Military bear skin hat lol! ;) xx

  25. :S my bad! Either way it rocks though!!! Just like my Japanese sweets... well until I ate them all lol! x

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