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  1. It's been very crazy for me as well! I am looking to travel Europe and see Muse as much as possible before University. New photos? :D x

  2. Hi!

    agree with you :) i've been very busy these days, but now everything's ok again, what about you?


  3. I think the older stuff is better also. Still everything is always better live when Muse do it ;) What are you up to these days? x

  4. it's cool, but i prefer how sounds black holes and revelations xD


  5. Lol hadn't heard from you in a while! You like the sound of the new muse album title?? x

  6. Hey cristina how are you?? x

  7. hello :)

    yes,it's been a very long time because i've been too busy

    and happy "new" year ¬¬ hahaha


  8. hello again! It has been a very long long time hasn't it? I hope that you are well and that you are enjoying 2009¬¬ Afterall the new muse album will be out this year!!! x

  9. Have you got an album of your own pics?? x

  10. Cristina whats your fav muse track at the moment?? x

  11. Hey Cristina, I'm new! Have you been to any live Muse gigs or are you one of the unlucky people like me?? Btw would you like a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean? :) x

  12. Hello Cristina!

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