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  1. Yea the eyball thing was rather good...shame you missed it. Still, nice to have a week off, glad you are better. Hope you had a nice time in London as well. See you monday:)

  2. Yeah I'm fine just had a bit of a bug, and as you will be in school at the minute and I am in London I sorta recovered and took the rest of the week off. My internet also broke making being ill not quite as fun as the usual. I will talk to you in school ala Monday! And I missed cutting an eyeball :( uber gutted.

  3. You OK Elly? you haven't been in school this week, and Maddy says you are ill...:( what's wrong?

  4. Just read that message below, whats the world coming too.

    I remember when my sister deleted a sonic game of mine, i've never forgive her.


    Anyways, could you please edit my loveboat you made for me and give it love :LOL:

    Cause I changed my name y'see :happy:

  5. i had a chameleon then my brother deleted my pokemon game :,(

  6. whats with the chameleon avatar dear? (i know my Pokemon)


  7. Anybody want a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean lol? Na seriously hows you?? x

  8. Eh? do you not recognise the face lol! Like I said I'm new and making new friends before I shoot off to uni! :) x

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