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    Hm...just ask me if you really want to know...
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    cool shit
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    Doctor Who
    Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares
    Top Gear

    That's actually pretty much it. Don't watch much TV.
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    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    I Am America: And So Can You
    Perfect Storm
    This I Believe
    and far too many more to list...
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    Black Holes and Revelations
    Origins of Symmetry
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    Never seen them live...closest I've come is the Wembley DVD. But I'm on the lookout for the next closest concert dates.
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  1. well if it isnt RCJ

  2. SOME SAY, he invented the curtain.

  3. :shifty:


    I don't know what you're talking about....



  4. :chuckle:


    Why arent you on msn?

  5. No no, over the WHOLE game, not just the first half. :LOL:

  6. It's the stupid conspiracy stuff that gets me. :LOL:


    By the way, Barca is playing Los Angeles on Saturday. Guesses on how much Barca wins by? :D

  7. I totally would :D

  8. No idea. I thought about posting something along the lines of:


    "I think USOE sucks since it's all just a rip-off of Queen. Oh and Matt should try composing his own piano solos instead of being all 'OLOL CHOPIN' since it gets boring really fast to rip off good composers."


    Though that might be pushing it a little though. :LOL:

  9. Good Lord, how did you survive in there?:p

  10. The same really. Although all the lulz in the Main Muse section provide entertainment. :LOL:

  11. Bored from the board lol, you?

  12. How are you doing darling?

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