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    Originally from Argyll in Scotland, now studying Fashion Technology at Heriot Watt uni in lovely ol' Galashiels! Music is my life! I'm a bit emo :) I love my mates, they are teh awesomeness! and i am generally quite insane and random, but it's all good!
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    sleeping....that covers it!
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    fashion student!
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    InMe, Deftones, Porcupine Tree, Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Blackfield, Jeff Buckley, The Films, SHIZZLE LOADS check last.fm for the full list if you can be bothered.
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    Howl's Moving Castle, Donnie Darko, Inception,
    Amélie, The Butterfly Effect, Anchorman, Blades Of Glory....stuff!
  • Favourite TV Shows
    OMG YES, Heroes!
    Need i say more?
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    All the albums obviously, Ltd edition clear 7" muscle museum and a ltd edition promo of showbiz, signeeeeed!! and a few singles here and there!
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    Glasgow SECC 2003
    Meadowbank Stadium 2006
    Glasgow SECC 2006
    V Festival, Staffs 2008
    Teignmouth, 4th Sept 2009
    Teignmouth, 5th Sept 2009
    Glasgow SECC, 9th Nov 2009
    London O2, 13th Nov 2009
    T in the Park, 2010
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  1. How's this mysterious world treating you? Hope great. Cheers

  2. Mue

    I am so pish at remembering to sign into this :p

    Each to their own and all that I guess! I am quite obsessed with Muse afterall!

    I'm seeing them a week today! EEEEEEEE!!! :D Have you heard the new album?

    I am indeed on twitter! @mueymue :)

  3. Stu

    Ooooh business cards! :D

    Yes it is quite tragic how my life revolves around football... its the Euro's soon though! Too bad Scotland got screwed over by the Czechs in qualifying :p

    I'm good thanks, just got back from seeing Devin Townsend in Bournemouth, support from the Anathema singer.

    Are you on Twitter? As I seem to check that more often than PageFace (as my mum calls it haha!)

    Oh & one more thing to say to you ... SLEEP! :p

  4. Mue

    Turbulence is a pretty song ^^

    Dunno just yet! Trying to fill in the time with a few projects atm, just got my business cards today! yay! Then after graduation it'll be time to find a job! Probably move to London or something since all the jobs are there!

    Lmao I like how you consider your football team part of how you are!

    I don't really have an album of the year this year, but the new Muse one will be out soon! YAAAAY!!

    Band of the year though - 22!

    very Musey! You might like it!

    Ahhhh fair enough, I live on Facebook! Even more so now that I can just sit around all the time :D I LOVE not having to do anything! The past few weeks have been hell, I hadn't slept for days when I handed my honours in D:

    But yus, I hope all is well with you too! :)

  5. Stu

    I think Dave did an InMe song, Turbulence? when I saw him.

    Wow Uni nearly over! Whats your plans for after? :)

    Not much new with me, I'm still in same job & AFC bournemouth are still pretty average at best!

    I downloaded that Anathema album & i'm addicted to it, my album of the year so far.

    Hmmm what else, yeah I don't go on facebook much just have past/present workmates on there.

    Hope you are well :)

  6. Mue

    That is SUCH an amazing song!!! <3 Thankyou for that! Impeccable taste! :D


    I may post it on yee olde facebook! I tried to add you on that like a trillion years ago, so I'm assuming you're not much of a facebooker?

  7. Mue

    Helloooo! :D

    Yeah Dave from InMe is top notch! He covered a silverchair song with charlie simpson! InMe, Silverchair and Fightstar in one go, yum!


    Must have been! I can't think of anything particularly exciting that's happened though D: I have been in my final years of uni though so maybe that's it! Only two weeks left of uni ever now! Crazy stuff eh?!


    How about you, what are you up to these days?

  8. Stu

    Also I would like to recommend a song that I think you might like! :)

    stream here + free legal download

  9. Stu

    Well hello there young lady! :)

    I'm ok thanks.

    I've seen Devin Townsend twice now. The second time was an acoustic set supported by the InMe frontman, decent stuff!

    Wow a whole year, must of been a good 12 months then i hope? :p

  10. Mue

    Christ on a bicycle! I haven't been on this for a YEAR apparently! :p

    My Chem must have been good then lmao!


    How are ya dude? :)

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