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  1. Prob Deadstar at the min, or Crying Shame... Anything really that I can play lol x Knights is prob the most played!

  2. Lol why cant you talk to ppl if its not busy... or just say that your giving the best customer service possible! x

  3. Whats your fav muse track at the minute?? xx

  4. I might have to buy alot of stuff then! I dont want to get ppl in trouble lol! xx

  5. The best one is Matt in his yellow shirt! He looks like 12 lol :D xx thanx for the comment x

  6. Hey Im still gonna visit you one sunday but cant tell you when lol! (Maybe I can bring muse along :D) xx

  7. Hi read your profile! What can I say... I like lol! Are you like a Muse superfan?? x

  8. Yes I have deep roots in England but I think it is in our nature to be less patriotic at times compared to other european countries BUT I am very proud of our History! Ill be 19 by the time I go to Uni xx

  9. I hope Muse headline Reading 09 coz Iv got tickets :D (I might actually be able to see them live!!!) xx

  10. Not 100% sure Im just obsessed with Russia, I tend to folow the national teams, love the language, I did alot on Communism, Stalin and the USSR for History. Also I meet this cool person from Russia & he said I should check it out some time soon! xx

  11. wish I could meet them! Or to see them live would be nice, Matt looks quite short in you pics (mind you hes about 5'7 I think!) Why were they wearin pink?? x

  12. I think I want to cry lol! Wow what can I say... What were Matt, Dom & Chris like, did you chat to them + what was the occasion?? xx

  13. Anybody want a coconut flavoured liquorish jelly bean lol? Na seriously hows you?? x

  14. Hey! Its your birthday real soon!!! :D x

  15. Damn you be seing mini boosh then lol!

  16. As for Mighty Boosh, Me and a friend are trying to see them live as well (hopefully the 12th dec.)

  17. Erm I'd like a bigger collection than I have but check my profile for the full list. Oh and Ive got a Best of Muse & BHAR tab books as well!

  18. Hey there yourself! How much Muse stuff do you own?? MIGHTY BOOSH rules!!! :D

  19. Im planning on going to Exeter University soon (not to far from where Muse came from!) but I'm not sure what I'll study. As for the bad dream... ouch! The worst I've had is I finally get to meet Matt but I'm totally lost for words and he walks past lol! x

  20. Me personally, well I saw Enter Shikari on thu at corn exchange which was fucking amazing but im up for anything really prob go see them again in peterborough soon!! xx

  21. Hey Serena, Alexa is sexa lol! xx

  22. well if they play reading 09 Im sorted coz I got a ticket on presale lol! You going any gigs soon?? xx

  23. Im going Exeter University but not 100% sure what I'll study! Do you know that a copy of Muse Random 1-8 will set you back over £230! The price people pay for a piece of heaven lol xx

  24. Its not fair I just want to see them once thats all... and maybe meet them in person (but we can all dream)! Where you at college?? x

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