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  1. Apologies for not replying yet, my Facebook has been broken for a few days on both laptop and phone and I don't have the patience to wait a minute for each page to load :LOL:

  2. Your phone is dead twat

  3. I'm doing geography now. Don't like it


    TURNS OUT I NEED TO BE SUPER GOOD AT MUSIC TO DO THIS OTHER ONE. Was gonna do sound production but apparently I need to have grade 3 in music and a recommendation from a tutor. I only have grade 2 and haven't had tutor lessons for about five years :(

  4. I think I've decided to do a new degree.

  5. Is yours three years of just production or is it quite theory based? The one I'm looking at is pretty theory based which doesn't tickle my fancy

  6. Doing audio and music production I mean. We'll see though, just thinking of my options

  7. Oh I see. I'm considering doing it next year but need to do music and physics at school is all. THAT should be fun living back at home

  8. Dommmmmm


    what is the course you actually do at college?

  9. Feel free to PM me too. If you start I'll continue :chuckle: sucks that it's still going for you though. :(

  10. It's okay. Having a bit of a 'feeling sorry for myself' session tonight but other than that, I'm okay. One more essay to go at uni! And how are you?

  11. It's okay. I'll just be super evil :awesome:

  12. I am a super ninja, this is why

  13. Oh my word! I sincerely apologise for not replying to your other two messages. I am useless at replying to anything. Ask anyone! :noey:


    But hello buttseckz :awesome:

  14. :( oh bother. Some random person in Ireland got a birthday message then
  15. Did you ever get my text, btw? :(

  16. http://i46.tinypic.com/30hqzpw.png


    So apparently last.fm likes us becoming friends so much that it needed to tell me six times.

  17. Judging from the lemon I'd just had tequila... Judging from half way through the video, didn't take long to kick in :LOL:


    Very lolarious, well done :awesome:

  18. HA.


    That bit with the iron was just brilliant.

  19. Oh my word. Am I expecting to see this any time soon? D:

  20. Ah, it doesn't help I've decided to cram all the papers I don't like into this semester :LOL: well, there's just one paper that is a fucking DRAG SOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH. It's actually destroying any motivation I do have left. Maybe things will look up next semester, but either way, I'm taking a year off. I need it not only for the enjoyment but for my mental stability :LOL: I'll start again when I get back. I've already had the "it'll be hard to start again" chat, but it's not like I'm getting anywhere right now.


    Why are you trying to not be fatty? You're absolutely tiny :LOL: if anything, you SHOULD be eating more fatty food and drinking far more coke! Tut tut... And you're going into summer, why on earth are you ill? It should be me, not you :noey:


    Until I slip up we are :LOL:

  21. Software engineering, how fucking unique.


    But really, it's pretty neat having done some of it myself.

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