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  1. This place is like hotel California. I can never leave :(

  2. Saying I'm 20 feels weird.

  3. I'm alright thank you! And yourself?

  4. Don't know if you still hang around and about here, but I just want to pay my halfyearly visit and say hello :LOL::kiss:

  5. Oh you know, I don't hang around enough :(

  6. http://www.youtube.com/toffehelstad


    All the videos are in norwegian, but I'm growing really quickly. Still, if you ever wanted to hear what my voice sounds like clearly, just listen to one of the newer vids :p Try to see if you can understand what I'm saying :p

  7. Out and about :kiss:


    I suddenly became a Norwegian youtube celebrity, so mostly maintaining my channel, and recording my bands album. Also, at work :happy: I've missed you <3

  8. fucker


    love you too

  9. 1. He's swedish. 2. He's swedish. 3. He's swedish. 4. He's swedish. 5. He's swedish. 6. He's swedish. 7. He's swedish. 8. ginger.
  10. Hello Mister Niall. Could you change my name to "Kris." please?

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