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  1. https://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/news/local-news/muse-could-set-devon-gig-2044939
  2. Muse is headlining on Sunday https://fireflyfestival.com/passes/ Anyone from here is going?
  3. i was at West Palm beach and am dismayed by the play back on another question: some people told me Elle Evans was on the stage and used for live visuals from her movements. Is that so? any videos of that?
  4. So looks like the live premiere already happened today at CW Upfront event http://variety.com/2017/tv/news/cw-upfront-presentation-2017-dynasty-lucy-hale-1202433977/ 10. Muse’s new song “Dig Down” will be featured this summer on the CW, as part of the network’s on-air and digital marketing campaign. The upfront marked the first-ever live performance for the single. http://www.cwtv.com/
  5. thank you, got seats close by for a decent price see you Saturday those of you who know the area of the venue, is parking easy?
  6. Hyper


    Whatever this pile of shit is not even worth discussing anymore
  7. i am going to this but still don't have tickets. what are the chances of finding pit tickets just before the show?
  8. ютюб не пробовали?
  9. Hyper


    New single May18th. Do we know who is the director of the video? Can someone tell me why they are using this theme of Max Headroom TV incident?
  10. does anyone have scans from the December issue of Q magazine? I think Muse is asked about their favorite music of 2016 "my album of the year" or something like that
  11. can we see the final list of questions? waiting...
  12. very happy to hear this. no acceptance speech? Charles Darvin needs all support he can get!
  13. And what significance you give to Palestrina's role in the history of music? In general, tell us more about this song. We REALLY want to know what meaning it has on the album and to you: why is it at the end? why is it played twice at gigs?
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