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  1. Same here. I loved it. It's a bit raw and solos feel a bit improvised. It also brought back the times when Crying Shame and Assassin were played for the first time live, same raw feeling. LOVE IT! BTW I can also hear the air raid siren and I think it adds a sense of urgency to the song As far as Classic Rock goes I think Guiding Light has the cheesy classic rock ballad feeling and I will take this anytime over Guiding Light or NSC
  2. and besides, there are a lot of grim events still happening in the world, and knowing Matt's interest in geopolitics, he can find plenty of dark inspiration elsewhere that being said, I am realling looking forward to the new album
  3. Moscow and St. Petersburg festivals are rumored mid/end-June. ParkLive, especially: http://parklive.pro/en
  4. somehow I missed that Back in Black interview http://musicfeeds.com.au/news/matt-bellamy-updates-fans-on-heavy-new-muse-album/
  5. in 10 minutes http://www.nme.com/awards
  6. Dom on the cover http://www.sticks.musikmachen.de/
  7. Surprisingly, there were not that many "Thank you, God" moments
  8. привет всем! ну кто смотрел кино из Рима? что скажете?
  9. can someone make sense of this: http://www.konbini.com/fr/music/phoenix-muse-johnny-hallyday-thomas-mars/ http://lci.tf1.fr/culture/musique/johnny-hallyday-sur-son-nouvel-album-sans-doute-avec-muse-et-phoenix-7988375.html http://www.lefigaro.fr/musique/2013/11/08/03006-20131108ARTFIG00458-muse-et-johnny-hallyday-un-mariage-grandiose-en-preparation.php
  10. you are right, the split-screen was not needed at all, they could have just shown the visuals on top like in other songs. I hope they don't put split-screen on the DVD
  11. Watched the film in cinema yesterday. It is just OK. Only by the end I really enjoyed it, especially Survival and Uprising. One moment which was very weired is cutting from Unsustainable intro into Supremacy. Why would one do that? Could not understand it. Surpisingly, Guiding Light was filmed to make the song enjoyable. Otherwise, meeh
  12. On my way. I actually asked if they will be showing 4K and they told me that there was some "new equipment" installed recently.
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