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  1. I will be periscoping tonight, link to @HyperHondriac I am in section 102 row F, pretty close!!!! if anyone from here wants to say hi, I'll be wearing RATATAT tee.
  2. if she is flying into Baltimore, I am not sure the Baltimore airport is near a rail station, but rail goes to Union Station and there she will need to switch to red line metro to Chinatown try to find flights to Reagan National, that is the easiest.
  3. Best Rock Album: Chaos And The Calm — James Bay Kintsugi — Death Cab For Cutie Mister Asylum — Highly Suspect Drones — Muse .5: The Gray Chapter — Slipknot http://variety.com/2015/music/news/grammy-nominations-full-list-58th-annual-taylor-swift-1201655347/
  4. I know Matt laughs about the conspiracy theories, but when you talk to him about them, he gets really serious and agitated. I talked to him and we discussed this book on history of brainwashing: The Science Of Thought Control by Kathleen Taylor. He said he is fascinated by it and that he himself can learn from it and use the techniques in his music career and business. He also mentioned it in this article: http://www.musewiki.org/An_audience_with..._Matt_Bellamy_%28200705_Uncut_feature%29 "What was the last book you read, and what did you think of it? Matt: The last book I read was called Brainwashing: The Science Of Thought Control by Kathleen Taylor. It's about the history of brainwashing, which has only really been around since the Chinese started doing it with prisoners of war in WWI, I think. I learned how to brainwash people, which is quite useful if you want to use it, but you have to use quite extreme methods."
  5. anyone knows if DC101 is running any promotions? I saw some competition somewhere, but not sure if it is still active
  6. What is the ticket limit on the presale?
  7. Wait a minute, we have two different seating charts: this one is on the pre-sale link http://s1.ticketm.net/tm/en-us/tmimages/venue/maps/wdc/15287s.gif this is one on the Ticketmaster site: http://www.ticketmaster.com/muse-drones-world-tour-washington-district-of-columbia-02-01-2016/event/15004F31CD7A41A6?artistid=1400322&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1
  8. Found this link on Ticketmaster and stage setup. It looks like a regular setup, not 360. I might go to Philly instead if that is the case. http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/15004F31CD7A41A6 Onsale Dates and Times •Oct• 21 Wed Fan Club VIP Package Presale 10:00 AM EDT Ends Thu, October 22, 2015 at 09:59 AM EDT •Oct• 22 Thu I.M.P./ DC101/ Spotify Presale 10:00 AM EDT Ends Thu, October 22, 2015 at 10:00 PM EDT •Oct• 22 Thu VIP Package Presale 10:00 AM EDT Ends Thu, October 22, 2015 at 10:00 PM EDT •Oct• 23 Fri General Public Onsale 10:00 AM EDT •Oct• 23 Fri VIP Package 10:00 AM EDT Ends Sun, January 24, 2016 at 05:00 PM EST Now I am confused about Fan Club VIP presale.
  9. I feel very sorry for your loss, I am sure her soul went back to the stars
  10. Hyper

    Mercy: Music Station

    well, it's in Japan, so it's gotta be special
  11. Still waiting, 5 min or so Will try periscoping
  12. why don't you go and check out? there supposed to be something, a button or a lever to activate so some "new content" will be released
  13. What is happening here? My phone does not work. http://drones.muse.mu
  14. Hyper


    Yes, when I heard it live it was a cross between Starlight and Glorious when I heard the recent leak I thought it reminded me of Follow me and Starlight Now on the radio, you are right, it's like a version of Madness
  15. Yes, exactly. I recall him saying nowadays he only does it when something is malfunctioning or does not go according to a plan. That is why I was surprised he did it at Webster.
  16. that's what he said on the stage at iHeart theater when describing Mercy I don't believe a word he says
  17. I managed to get in being a +1 on standby. Surreal!!!! Ended up being waaay back and could not see anything at all, but just listening was great. Plug in Baby was a real treat and Mercy was soo good Nothing like hearing a song debuted. The interview part was so BAD, the interviewer kept saying "seems too complicated" in reply to almost everything Matt said. I felt bad for the band. I agree with the fact that someone actually recorded and posted the new song despite all the precautions is bad, but I could not help but listen to it again myself next day, because you know... curiosity
  18. In fact, I was 15-20 rows back and we were jumping like crazy. Around Animals I shifted to 10th row and after that stayed there for 2-3 songs and I felt that back where I were before there was more crowd action. It was tighter and more hot upfront, so I could not jump well, so I went back and resumed my happy jumping. All 5 of my friends around me were jumping and screaming all the time. I loved this gig, brought me back to the past. Matt seems happy and he did everything perfectly, not sure why he threw the guitar, usually he does it if he is not happy with something. My first time seeing him throw the guitar LIVE
  19. he always says that about each new album by the way he said Mercy is his favorite song from Drones last album he said Follow Me was his favorite, I think
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