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  1. yes i did who wants to split this? almost like a VIP ticket but also meeting the band I almost read it as " Million Musers March"
  2. Japan is cool, I've been to Tokyo. In the video, the moment where Dom adjusts his crouch, he is leaving one of those stinky "wank parlors", which are all over the city, we went there with my sis looking for an internet cafe and run away in disgust
  3. it is a subscription-based radio, so the only hope is someone records it and posts somewhere.
  4. SiriusXM's First-Ever Alt Nation Ping Pong Throwdown Featuring Muse Grammy winning alt rock band Muse will be the first ever participants in Alt Nation’s "Ping Pong Throwdown" against Alt Nation listeners! Hear live ping pong action from the SiriusXM studios as one of the biggest bands in the world take on a handful of Alt Nation listeners. Muse will also pick the play list for the event and chat with Alt Nation hosts as we catch up on touring, the latest album 2nd Law and much much more! Airtime: Tuesday, April 16, 2 pm ET Rebroadcasts: Tues, 10 pm ET; Weds, 11 am ET; Thurs, 6 pm ET; Fri, 8 am ET
  5. interesting that GA tickets from muse.me were 5$ cheaper than the ticketmaster DC101 radio pre-sale price
  6. it is a very typical large arena, been there many times, but never lined up early
  7. that's right, but it was not even at full setup (half of the seating was curtained off) at Patriot's and it did not sell out. Baltimore Mariner felt a bit empty too. Thanks for the exact numbers. I hate that venue. Verizon is better of course, but I am just afraid that it it will not sell out and will be half empty. GOT MY TICKETS ANYWAY!!! This will be my 55th Muse gig. I am aware of that gig at Metro Cafe. That was a side gig on their tour supporting Foo Fighters. At that gig at Metro Cafe there were 10 people, 5 of which came from Baltimore because they caught them there by chance the day before and were so impressed that decided to see them again and invited some other friends. I missed that gig since I was 8 month pregnant, can never forgive myself for not taking a chance.
  8. Wow, Verizon In 2010 they barely filled half of Patriot Center.
  9. Where did the last year's award go?
  10. NME‏@NME For all those asking, you'll be able to watch footage of #NMEawards from 8pm tonight. Until then, follow the liveblog http://bit.ly/Y2S7Z8
  11. Thank you! Looked everywhere and connot find the confirmation e-mail. Oh dear!
  12. I have one GA ticket which I'd like to sell, if only I can find it. People who bought it on member pre-sale, can you please remind me who was the company selling it? How did you get the tickets? Are they going to be mailed?
  13. nope, I am on office PC how to find a channgel on JustinTV ? it used to work before
  14. Thank you, but Sorry ... Unfortunately, your country is not currently supported. At this time, TVCatchup is available only in the United Kingdom.
  15. i think the timing is strategic to Facebook and Twitter sharing
  16. CarrieB i like you more than Muse nowdays so let's think about Devon and how Muse are so super-pooper famous and how Matt goes into the crowd to be touched Another suggested connection between the video and the song which I heard was "Original 1960s Trve Kvlt surf music" wtf?
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