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  1. hi there i was wondering if my muse tribute MUSE INC could be featured at all on muse wiki page? we are english and feature also the keyboard player from FEEDER. any help would be gratefully appreciated. rob :)http://www.museinc.co.uk

  2. If money isn't an issue, best compact to get is an x100s or x100t by Fuji All about the retro dials for settings. My go to camera for most occasions including the odd gig
  3. haha 150 likes, what's the point in taking part. I could probably cheat and get followers from musewiki to like it but to be fair, even if it's a free guitar I have NO ROOM for it. (Mark: this is called RESTRAINT )
  4. mirror comes with the curse of being heavier, forearm contour only possible if the cracks bend on the contour and the back and sides never quite matching a full mirror body (which is nicer, but heavier and slab). I rocked silver and glitter whilst James and Olly went for the cement paint, I personally prefer full mirror but knew it would add the weight even further carbon is slab only via Mansons. I have mirror and carbon, I'd pick carbon, though I think black carbon looks nicer than red. If you do go red, do anodised black ali hardware (and black machine heads). https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xpa1/t31.0-8/1498802_197142800493418_1342142044_o.jpg like that but with ali hardware!
  5. That's the beauty of a custom guitar when you design way you like it, you'll be happy with it. Unless you're a TERRIBLE a guitar designer and feel like relicing a guitar or adding lasers to a guitar is a good idea
  6. thought I was imagining all of this! Having said that my 7 string has piezo too and I didn't notice much pressure / tension going on, maybe because it's a fixed bridge, but yeah. Stop messing with my memory, that's probably pre fix so I'm assuming that was resolved but nonetheless, description was PERFECT (and now with REFERENCES) up into the really convoluted fix magic bridge man made to the bridge (because it's not like Mansons are going to add that bit to the certificate are they?)
  7. AHA! MY description was FAULTLESS. I was most excited about dive bombs when I asked for a tremolo on mine, the one on the parker p38 didn't seem like you could do crazy dives so when I got my custom I was diving bombs like a motherbitch. Nice to see more combinations on the guitar, would be keen to see one sock that showcases it all.
  8. pfft it's accurate to what you've been telling us james can probably hunt for the quotes on the thread. glad the bridge works fine then. Is that a custom ali knobs to control the truss rod?
  9. Pfft my description is perfect! I have also been assured that you'll always remember which switch does what because of how much time you've spent on the design. You originally wanted the fuzz factory on a separate source so you can make squeally noises whilst doing a sustainer or tuba but they said no.
  10. Since BS isn't reading this thread: It has the following: - 7 string custom shape (modelled after a SUPER STRAT), swamp ash wrapped in swirly ali - Ebony fretboard and hard maple neck - Matching headstock with stealth looking manson logo - 7 string sustaniac sustainer in humbucker because BS loves the HUMBUCKER LOOK - MBK-3 - THE MAGIC BRIDGE consisting of a floyd rose tremolo system, midi and piezo, all with BYPASSES - Fuzz factory because the FUZZ PROBE isn't enough on the pedal board (I miss the third fuzz factory) - Nickel hardware (knobs and machine heads). - Think it packs around 3 batteries, most of the guitar is hollowed out besides the top right corner i believe, all to make way for the electronics - MAGIC BRIDGE had issues primarily in getting enough pressure on the piezo, this has been modified to work now BUT it limits the amount of whammying allowed. Think I have everything. 3 years have gone past from idea to where it is now, this is exactly the guitar BS wants as he doesn't want another guitar and knew that if he was spending a lot of money on a guitar, he might as well go ALL THE WAY.
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