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  1. Holy shit it's higginst! :eek:

  2. what's irritating is that Atheism is such an umbrella term which I always referred to as meaning total rejection of theism... turns out I was wrong I'm really lost now.... I'm not religious in any way.... but i do kinda believe in some kinda spiritual world and karma to a certain extent.... what does that make me???
  3. Twice Auckland Big Day Out, 19/01/07 and Auckland BH&R Tour, Trusts Stadium, 23/11/07
  4. Newborn FTW!!!! but outside of that poll, I have to say Citizen Erased is the one I keep coming back to :D
  5. interesting how in many cases Recess is either a favourite or least favourite..... doesn't often seem to be in the middle
  6. lucky, my mum seems to automatically hate anything i like.... she did like Soldier's Poem though. She's a Queen fan
  7. Keep in mind when I write this that by saying a song is my least fav on a Muse album doesn't necessarily make it a bad song, in fact, I probably still quite like it That being said, Showbiz Favourites -Showbiz -Fillip Least Favourite -Escape Origin Of Symmetry Favs Everything except for Hyper Music, Plug In Baby, Screenager, Darkshines and... Least Fav -Feeling Good Hullabaloo Favs -Yes Please -Map Of Your Head -Dead Star -Showbiz Least Fav -Recess Absolution Favs -Apocalypse Please -Hysteria -Butterflies & Hurricanes Least Fav -Sing For Absolution Black Holes & Revelations Favs -Take A Bow -Map Of The Problematique -Knights Of Cydonia Least Fav -Starlight WOW now that was harder than I thought it'd be
  8. I tend to go for the more modern "scares the shit outa me"
  9. I'm ashamed to say that I didn't even notice the irony until i came to this thread. It's such a cliche term that i basically ignored it
  10. and i'm more than happy trying to convince people of how great muse are ah, look at us- one big peaceful co-operating happy muse-loving community
  11. Christians are all good.....as with all religious people.... except when they try to influence other, non religious people
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