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Ooo. What performance are you referring to? I am curious.


Oh, and Map of Your Head is the song I never listened to until recently (and liked). To the OP: The opening of Stockholm Syndrome is fantastic.


Where is that "hey you crazy kids" from???


It's from the Radio 1 performance. You can download it at microcuts. http://www.microcuts.net/uk/download/misc.php

It's awesome :LOL:


Or you could just post this! (Be sure to listen to the whole thing, it really shows off Matt's 'unique vocal talents'! :LOL:



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for me it was:


TOADA... it never realy caught on with me but then i listened Absolution through again a couple of months ago and discovered how ace it is


The Groove... i actually didn't REdiscover it cause i had never heard it before but i heard just a couple of days ago and think it's just amazing

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