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    I'm Karina, and I live in Denmark (which kinda sucks). I'm actually quite normal. Well, okay. You know. I listen to a lot of music and spend most of my money on concerts. I also exercise a lot, hang out with my lovely friends, and then I also love spending time with my family. Besides that I have a horse, a doggy and a cat. (how boring was that??)
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    Music, concerts, family, friends, partying.
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    Robots In Disguise
    Spleen United
    The Horrors
    The Killers
    Sneaker Pimps
    White Rose Movement
    and so on..
  • Favourite Films
    Basically, everything by Tim Burton.
    Besides that I also like
    Napoleon Dynamite
    The DaVinci Code
    Fear and loathing in Las Vegas
    Blades of Glory
    The Prestige
    Moulin Rouge
    Secret Window
    Sin City
    Sweeney Todd
    and so on.
  • Favourite TV Shows
    The Mighty Boosh
    Little Britain
    Red Dwarf
  • Muse Releases Owned
    Random 1-8
    Origin of Symmetry
    Absolution Box
    "Paris-London Syndrome" - Live cd
    "Sydney Syndrome" - Live cd
    Black Holes and Revelations
    Starlight DVD single
    Supermassive Black Hole DVD single
    Black Holes and Revelations - Tour Edition
    Hullabaloo DVD
    Absolution Tour
    HAARP Special Edition
    3 Shirts
    "Inside The Muscle Museum" by Ben Meyers
  • Muse Concerts Attended / Attending
    Roskilde festival '07
    CPH Forum '07
  1. Okay, here goes. I've actually had a few Muse dreams, but this one's the funniest I dreamed that I was in a Build-a-Bear shop, for some reason. With my mum. Haha. And we were standing in a queue, behind Dom and Chris. Dom was looking over his shoulder, smiling all the time and looking at a teddy, which kinda looked like a skunk. Anyway, my mom got sick of it I think, and said:"For gods sake Karina, can't you just buy that teddy for Dom!!":LOL: Worst thing is the next day I was in the mall, and we actually went to a Build-a-Bear shop
  2. Exactly! I'm going to the same party as him next friday, so he'll probably start whining 'bout it again. Hopefully, it was quite funny actually
  3. A Radiohead fan said to me: "YOU LIKE MUSE??!! MUSE IS JUST A COVER BAND OF RADIOHEAD!!!!!!" He got seriously mad. I was just sitting there, laughing, and wondering if he was going to start crying. He sure looked like he was about to And then he left :LOL::LOL: And this is a 20 year old guy, we're talking 'bout
  4. I think he does look like his dad. His nose, smile and chin looks the same.
  5. OMG!! :LOL: http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb109/museposters/?action=view&current=fifthmuse.png ^That one looks so real
  6. Showbiz Favourites: Muscle Museum Sunburn Showbiz Cave Least favourite: Sober Origin of Symmetry Favourites: Citizen Erased Micro Cuts New Born Hyper Music Bliss Least favourite: Screenager Hullabaloo Favourites: Dead Star In Your World Recess Shrinking Universe Least favourite: The Gallery Absolution Favourites: Fury Time Is Running Out Hysteria Apocalypse Please Stockholm Syndrome Least favourite: Interlude Black Holes and Revelations Favourites: Map of The Problematique Assassin City of Delusion Supermassive Black Hole Knights of Cydonia Least favourite: Invincible Starlight
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