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  1. Argh yeah can't believe that "The Captain" lied to us... :'( After the show, a roadie was going to give Dom's drumstick to me but his throw was too weak so it dropped between the space of the stage and the barrier. A security guy picked it up and was teasing us with it. What an asshole...and then he ended up giving it to another fan. I never had any luck with Muse. Oh well, I should just be grateful that I got to see them from the front row
  2. AHHH i just saw those twitter pictures. NOOO I wish I was a tourist in Boston. I would have definitely gone to Quincy Market today given the nice weather. Stupid mid terms...I don't think they would post pictures right away. They wouldn't want fans to know where they currently are would they...??? I mean clearly they didnt want to meet us cos they didnt bother to stay/come out last night.
  3. I know that ppl camp out overnight in Europe and UK but does that also happen in US? I always am able to get to the 3rd or 4th row from the front by shoving ppl lol, not a very nice thing to do, but I'm a pretty small ppl so ppl tend to be forgiveable. But for Muse, I really want to be behind the fence. Plus, there's an opening act so would ppl actually come early? I've been to several gigs in Boston and ppl didnt show up till the opening act were wrapping their show up. But again, I'm not sure if this would be the case since there are some musers who are also fans of silversun pickups.
  4. how early r u guys planning to get there? I'm scared that the line for GA would be long and I won't get to be in the front. I've been waiting for this day for...almost 4 years and I really want it to be perfect. Would 2-3 pm be too early?
  5. Wello how are you?(i'm bored)

  6. good to hear from you Ann!:happy:

    things are alright with us i guess. am sure you've read some of our posts on the thread that miele was planning to go to Bangkok Rock. pity it was cancelled! :(

    i can't believe it has been a year already! yeah.. am sure muse would've cancelled their concert again if they were to play on the 28th lol. but hey, i just saw the news and the airports are back in business. so that's certainly good news yeah? How are u holding up? Don't just lurk around Ann, post something! :p:LOL: it'll be ace to hear some news, or stories or anything from you.

  7. hey faz thanks for the msg! Yea, Thailand is in a big do-do right now. PAD is going crazy and the government really does not know how to handle problems. Lol if muse were to come to bkk this year on Nov. 28, it would have been canceled just the same :D BKK rock fest was canceled too, but I wasnt going anyway. Too busy right now with school.

    Havent talked to musers here for ages. I've been around but just too lazy to comment :p So hows it going with you and all the Malaysian Musers?

  8. hey ann! :happy:

    haven't seen u for a while now. hope you're safe in Bangkok despite all the chaos there! take care and be safe now.

    come and visit us at the Malaysian thread once in a while! :D

  9. Sorry to cut in Malaysians but I was wondering how you guys are gna buy the DVD. Wait for Amazon?
  10. where are u then Miele? O btw, im addicted to criminal right now. Can't stop listenin to it! It's so catchy and sexy.
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