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  1. On the train on my way home now. Playlist made of last nights set, trying my hardest not to sing along to it in the quiet coach! Thanks to everyone I met both before and during the gig, we all shared an amazing experience. See you all again soon!
  2. I don't think there any words to describe what I've just seen and heard. That was simply incredible! Also... if the short girl with dark hair, glasses and tartan is here that i took a few pics/video for is here - hope they came out alright!
  3. I've not really. Only ever take my phone to gigs, can't be doing with looking after other things whilst enjoying the music. Would destroy me if my DSLR got damaged! I also wouldn't consider it a ProCam, but to some it could be, all depends on how nice they are on the door I suppose!
  4. Doubtful. From TM email yesterday: "Please don’t bring large professional-type cameras, selfie sticks or Go-Pros." If you are at/near SBE then might be worth asking, just in case.
  5. So... getting excited now!! I'm going on my own, I'm not bothered about queueing, but would love to get to a pub for a few drinks before. Is there any kind of official unofficial pub meet that we can organise for those of us that want to get a few drinks together can do?! It would be nice to have some friends in the pub rather than sit on my own! Any takers?
  6. Still available. You HAVE to use the specific link posted earlier. https://www1.ticketmaster.co.uk/event/1F0052E3CD9FD64D?did=tmmuseforum
  7. It's working now. I have 2 tickets in my basket - was just checking. code was 'thepassage' no capitals. EDIT: I am releasing my tickets. NOW.
  8. I gave in and just emailed them my changes. Voted for: Eternally Missed Fury Assassin Dead Star The Small Print City of Delusion Cave Hyper Music Micro Cuts Futurism
  9. For some reason, with all of this revoting and adding new songs and shit, I've taken a whole new look at what I'm voting for... Work has not been productive today.
  10. Had a reply... "That list is the final list. We understand. We are ensuring everyone has the opportunity to resubmit their votes and that it is fair for everyone. If you don't trust that we will update your set list from here, please let me know your confirmation code and we will reset it so you can vote again on the site." Sounds like they will not be doing a full reset. Asking them some more questions. I'm having fun with this Sarah/Nate/whoever... don't think they will be enjoying their job today.
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